DOXY Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator


DOXY Die Cast

When the Lovehoney squirrel commander sent me an email to say I had been chosen to review the DOXY Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator I was thrilled beyond belief. I already owned the original Doxy wand in pink and although I loved it, I wished it had a silicone head instead of the squishy PVC, as did most of my fellow reviewers/bloggers. Doxy had listened and delivered!

As the Doxy die cast was a tester, I didn’t receive the full box that it would usually come in, nor did I receive a storage case. However, Lovehoney do sell the purple or silver Doxy Die Cast with the storage case. Luckily I was given a case for mine. Lovehoney had shipped my Doxy in their usual, discreet packaging (that the cat always immediately occupies), so no embarrassment when the postie come knocking.


DOXY Die Cast


DOXY storage case


First impressions:

A fantastic piece of British design and engineering. Compared to the DOXY original, the die cast looks like it’s come straight from an expensive car showroom. Its smart, black metallic paint has a bit of sparkle, which reminds me of a clear, starry night. The glitter effect is subtle and not too blingy. Very luxurious. The wand feels great in my hands, cold at first, but soon warms to your body temperature. It’s surprisingly not too bulky and as someone with severe rheumatoid arthritis in my wrists, the DOXY Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand is comfortable to hold for some time. It has a lot of weight to it at 830g, but the handle is the same size as the original DOXY.


DOXY Die Cast

The DOXY Die Cast extra powerful massage wand vibrator is mains powered and available in UK, EU and US plugs. 3 large, rubber LED lights, power button and a + and – button for speeds and pulse mode. To activate the pulse mode, press the power button and the plus button twice.

It is capable of 3,000 and 9,000 RPM, great for those who seek ultra powerful vibrations.

In Use:

I love, love, love the silicone head. It’s made from medical-grade silicone and totally seam free, hoorah! This means it’s body-safe, compared to the PVC of the  DOXY original. You can allow your body fluids to flow, knowing that any bacteria left behind won’t be able to hide in any pores of the silicone. I’ve noticed that the head isn’t that flexible at all, especially if you compare to other wands on the market (my previous go-to wand was the Lovehoney Deluxe, which has a rather flexible ‘neck’). You can add standard wand attachments for added pleasure.

I tried the DOXY Die Cast solo first of all. With its long power lead, there was plenty spare for different maneuvers on my bed. I prefer to lay on top of the DOXY and grind on top, so I set the wand to my preferred speed and grind away. This will get me off in a couple of minutes. Yee-haa! and on most occasions I can have multiple orgasms, til I’m totally spent. I do find that the vibrations are more rumblier this way.



On the rare occasion I lie back and use the DOXY, the firm silicone does dull the vibrations somewhat, compare to the original DOXY, so this takes longer for me to climax. I tend to use it on a medium speed, too high and my clit goes numb. I do enjoy the head as I prefer a wider range of sensations, rather than pin point stimulation. I adore the vibrations on and around my vulva. The LED lights on the buttons are ideal if you’re using it at night, but due to my plus size tummy, I can’t see in between ones legs, so I just blindly feel for the buttons and if I’m increasing the power, I often accidentally press the power button. Luckily for me, the DOXY has a memory mode, so when you switch on, the vibrations you were currently using, kick into life.

When I use the wand with a partner, there is nothing better than teasing and orgasm denial. Tie me up and use the DOXY to massage my inner thighs then use varying pressure on my labia, vulva and clit, is glorious torture! Tease me til I’m on the edge of orgasm, then withdraw the DOXY is just sweet denial. I love it!

I’m known to attend the odd fetish event in the North West and to take my DOXY in its smart case, it looks the part amongst the fetish equipment and myself wearing PVC. This is where the long power lead comes into its own, the length is great for using on a St Andrews cross, top to toe.

You’ll find that the DOXY Die Cast is on the loud side regarding noise levels, as with all mains powered wands. I can’t use it if anyone is in the house, even if used under a duvet, the next room will certainly hear it. If you require discretion, you’re better off with a smaller battery powered wand.

I find the lower speeds of vibrations to be particularly rumbly which is my preference when wanting to climax. The higher speeds are on the buzzier side, unless I grind on the wand. Too high and my clit goes numb, with an overwhelming urge to pee. This may be different to you if you’re a power Queen.


GSpot attachment

Adding an attachment brings a whole new lot of fun. There are several different types available, see Here. I will be adding reviews of some of the wand attachments I have. The Gspot, rabbit and suction cup attachments are a firm favourite. The vibrations travel very well through any attachment, but of course it may be different for your needs, we’re all different after all!


Rabbit attachment

The DOXY also works great as a body massager, I particularly love it on my shoulders, the more pressure you apply, the deeper the rumbles. Try avoid using oils or silicone lube as these will interact with the silicone head.


Multipurpose suction cup attachment with butt plug


My thoughts:

You may find the DOXY die cast a little on the pricey side, but believe me, it sure is a worthy investment for a great piece of British engineering and superior orgasm provider. You get a 12 month guarantee and a wand that is built to last. It screams luxury, is very versatile, easy to use and the vibrations are uber powerful on the highest setting.

I’d recommend that you use a good quality water based lubricant for a slick feeling on your body or genitalia. Clean with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner. Remember to keep your DOXY away from water. Store in the case provided, to keep it clean and safe (the silicone head does attract some dust, lint and hairs!).

So, who would I recommend this to? Power seekers, BDSM kinksters, those looking to upgrade their previous mains powered wand, or those upgrading from a battery powered or rechargeable wand. If you’re a beginner with sex toys, or prefer quiet, gentle vibrations, I’d recommend you start with a small battery powered wand.

Overall, Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand is most definitely the best, most powerful and visually appealing wand I have tried and owned. I’d give it a generous:


Want to knock your socks off? Purchase the Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand HERE at LOVEHONEY today priced at £149.99.


I received this product from Lovehoney in exchange of my honest opinion and review. This does not affect my opinions in any way, shape or form. There are no affiliate links in my post.



DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger


The cat approves!


When it comes to floggers, I’m quite the collector, I love to receive impact play, whether it’s intimately in the bedroom, or hardcore in a dungeon. So when Lovehoney wanted a secret tester, I had to volunteer and was lucky to be chosen to give the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger a thorough road test and my honest opinion in this review.



Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a great piece to have in your kink kit and due to it’s smaller size, you can pop it in your bag if you plan on a naughty weekend away.

I’m a huge fan of DOMINIX products. They’re fantastic prices and excellent quality, made to last, and they don’t look out of place in the bedroom or a specialist dungeon. I own many pieces of their products, from collars to blindfolds, floggers and canes.

On arrival you get the Lovehoney discreet packaging and a simple clear bag with the DOMINIX logo on. This is easy to dispose of without giving it away as to what you’ve bought.

First impressions:


On taking the flogger out you can immediately smell the sweet aroma of pure leather. It just smells great, and certainly puts me in the mood for some kinky time. On the wrist loop you’ll find a DOMINIX tag, which can easily be removed.

Running my fingers through the 40, 10-inch strands, whilst admiring the craftsmanship of the handle and overall flogger you get a feel that it has been individually crafted to suit your needs. The silver studs on the handle are rather unique in that they give a slight crystal effect.


In use:

If you have experimented with a little tie and tease, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a perfect step-up to use with your partner. The soft, leather fronds can tease your body and provide new sensations and stimulation.

Due to its smaller size this flogger is ideal to use on breasts, feet and genitals if you’re brave enough, and ideal for beginners as it’s not too intimidating. You can use the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger very sensually with light swings that offer a soft impact and teasing tickles. With more force the flogger can provide some thud. Add a blindfold and you can heighten your senses and enjoy the anticipation and feel of the leather gently hitting your bare skin.


I enjoy being tied down to my bed, blindfolded, naked and have all my trust in my partner. It’s a great warm up flogger if you like to start off with gentle strokes, awakening my senses and building up to a harder thrashing before moving on to a crop or paddle.

Overall thoughts:

Overall, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a fantastic piece for the price. It’s excellently made and perfect for beginners. A must-buy. You can purchase the flogger HERE for just £14.99.

I received the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger for free, in exchange for my honest review.




I have been dying to test a lube that claimed to look and feel like cum, so when Wolf at MEO kindly sent the ManCunt hybrid lube in a box of goodies, this was the first I had to give a whirl and have some fun with.

Now some of you who read this, may be shocked at the awesome name of this lube, I never get tired of saying it. ManCunt! If you wasn’t sure what a mancunt  is, lemme explain; basically, it’s the arsehole of a gay man, or term for a submissive gay man, especially those who like to receive the anal sex, also know as ‘bottoming.’ Since MEO is aimed at gay men, I find the name of this lube to be quite apt!

If you’re big on discretion, you’re probably gonna need to peel off the label, not many people I know would be happy to display this in the family bathroom. Great if you’re single or just you and your partner, I’m just one of those who like to give the shock factor, so anybody seeing this in my home will immediately ask “What the fuck, Vixen?”

The ManCunt lube comes in a pump action bottle *hoorah!* I hate lubes with flip caps or screw lids, I end up all fingers and thumbs and the bottle quite often sliding out of my hands if I use the lube too excessively. You get a good 125ml and due to ManCunt being a hybrid lube (a mixture of water-based and silicone lube), you get the best of both worlds. However, if you don’t get on with Glycerin, you may want to give this lube a swerve. I’ve been fine and it has had no issues on my sensitive vulva or anus, thankfully.

man2     man3

When I first sampled Mancunt, I wasn’t too convinced that it looked and felt like cum, it comes out a little too thick, but as it adjusts to your body heat, it begins to thin slightly, making it appear more realistic. Leave it on your skin a little too long and it becomes more watery, changing it’s look from a young spunky sample, to an older mans vasectomy sample! It does however feel a slightly too much like a skin lotion than cum itself, but then I never leave cum on me long enough to remember what it feels like, I try not to spill a drop….such a waste!

This gave me the bright idea to take some pictures using the lube as though I’d had a facial and stick it on a swinging website that I’m on, to see if they could tell if it was real spunk, or something else. Every comment I received was from a bloke, every one of them thought I had been out on a random meet for a suck and go, receiving a facial as a reward. It certainly had them all fooled. What I wasn’t expecting, was how soft my face felt afterwards, ManCunt is very moisturising and it ever so slightly numbed my lips.


During use, it makes masturbation effortless on both myself and a circumcised cock, with it being so moisturising, wanking a bloke has never been so luxurious, so bin the oils! I wouldn’t recommend using with silicone toys, just in case the silicone’s react. I’ve used ManCunt on glass and steel dildos and it hasn’t dried up and needed re-applying, like I find most water-based lubes, needing. The bottle should last for ages, unless I keep taking pictures that make me look like I’ve just completed a bukkake!

My overall opinion of MEO ManCunt Hybrid Lube, is very positive. The pump action bottle is easy to use, it looks like cum, is very moisturising and long lasting. I love it and will be recommending it to everybody.

Thank you to MEO for sending this product free of charge, in return for an honest review. This has not affected my opinions on this product.

You can buy ManCunt at Meo for 16.90 Euros.

Lovehoney Double Stroker Extreme

lhs  20160830_021809_1474395353213_resized

I decided on purchasing the  Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges for a male partner. As he was relatively new to sex toys, I didn’t want to spend a huge amount on something like a Fleshlight. We had previously only used a Tenga egg or two, so this would be his first experience in male strokers.

The packaging with its blue and white print is non offensive, it’s great to see no seedy theme with naked women or cock shots, like you’d get with some brands.

I loved the idea of the clear stroker, giving me the opportunity to watch my partners cock slide through, as well as in and out.

Key Features:

  • Reversible 5.75 inch male stroker with 2 x textured sides for varied sensations
  • Choose between textured squares and raised ridges
  • Non-intimidating, discreet design is suitable for beginners and couples
  • Tighter canal than the Ultimate Stroker for a more intense massage
  • Perfect for enhancing solo play and foreplay
  • Frequent use improves stamina during sex
  • Closed end with air hole allows suction experimentation
  • Made from skin-safe rubber that’s soft and easy to clean


In Use:

First it’s back to basics in ensuring you get your cock erect, you’ll not have any luck trying to enter the sleeve with a flaccid penis. If you’re a solo guy, lube yourself up with a good quality water based lube, stroking your cock to erection. If you’re part of a couple, you can mix it up with oral or hand job, hell, even have some intercourse first and get him to edge!



Lube the inside of the stroker and insert your cock. Make sure you have no lube on your hands, otherwise it’s like handling a slippery eel! Stroke your cock and explore the suction using the air-hole on the end of the stroker. Be prepared for some squelching noises, it did have us in stitches and can be a little off putting, but what’s sex without the giggles?



It took a matter of minutes for my partner to reach orgasm and he noted that it was a little stronger than a “traditional wank.”

Clean up is fairly easy, what we found was best to give it a thorough clean, was using a bottle brush and hot soapy water. I wouldn’t recommend boiling the stroker as it’s made of skin safe rubber.

Overall, the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges is great for beginners, or if you’re on a budget. It comes in at £12.99. The only issue we had, is that it loses it’s clear colour and turns a nicotine yellow colour after prolonged use, but at such a low price, you can dispose of it and purchase a new one.

You can buy the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges here Lovehoney

Fun Factory B Ball Silicone Beginner’s Butt Plug with Jiggle Ball

I’m thrilled to introduce to you the Fun Factory B Ball Silicone Beginners Butt Plug with Jiggle ball. It was sent to me from Lovehoney in exchange of my honest review* and opinion.


Fun Factory B Ball Silicone Beginner’s Butt Plug with Jiggle Ball

I was a bit sceptical as to whether a butt plug with a jiggle ball would work, as I often find vaginal jiggle balls to be somewhat unresponsive inside me.  I have also been neglecting anal play for over 18 months due to suffering with Cauda Equina syndrome and having to have three major spine operations, so starting back with beginners toys was ideal.

Fun Factory has become one of my favourite retailers. I love the quirky designs of toys. I like how the B Ball Silicone Beginner’s Butt Plug with Jiggle Ball is aimed at all genders, rather than an overly masculine or feminine in regards to the packaging and colour of the butt plug.

How it measures up:

A rather petite sizing, here are the dimensions:

  • Length: 3 inches
  • Insertable Length: 2.75 inches
  • Circumference: 4 inches
  • Base diameter: 3.25
  • Base type: Flared


The butt plug is made of silicone and ABS plastic. It is body safe and non-porous, so you can guarantee that it won’t harbour any bacteria or cause any reaction to your body as it’s phthalate free.  The T-bar is a good safety feature. It anchors the plug, so it won’t disappear and is far more comfortable to wear than a circular base, so if you like to wear for prolonged periods of time, you won’t become too uncomfortable.

The plug doesn’t have much of a taper to it due to its round shape, so real beginners may find it a little difficult to insert, so I’d recommend this plug to those who have explored with fingers and other beginners plugs.



How did it feel in use?

Well, firstly I used plenty of water-based lube (don’t use silicone, it may react on the plug), and inserting was relatively easy considering I hadn’t played anally in a long time. The T-bar is very comfortable, meaning I can wear this plug for hours. I tend to struggle to sit with round bases, so this is ideal.

The plug feels very firm inside me, which can take a bit of getting used to. You can really feel the roaming ball move whilst you’re walking and it teasingly brings your nerve endings alive, this then sends a tingle to my clitoris, so it is very arousing. I can imagine being out in public, that it would give you a naughty smirk whilst shopping!

I had the plug in place during a solo masturbation session. Now, I always tend to struggle with double penetration with toys. This plug was no different. I used my L’Amourose Denia at first. My vaginal canal seemed to have narrowed, but I managed to get it in.

With the plug also in place, there was some added pressure to my G-Spot with the Denia, which felt awesome, apart from the plug seemed to feel hard and uncomfortable, so I added extra lube.

I continued with ramping up my Denia to full speed. The vibrations from this made the jiggle ball vibrate too, but I couldn’t climax as the plug began to feel more uncomfortable again. Too much pressure, it began to hurt. Once removing the Denia, it felt much better. I tried a slim dildo, the Tantus Acute and that felt much better and much like having penetrative sex.

I’d have liked the plug to be less rigid, but maybe it’s my anatomy. DP may not be right for me. It is fantastic to wear for long periods, especially whilst doing household chores, or going shopping. It can really brighten up a gloomy day!

Having your nerve endings stimulated whilst wearing this is arousing, so clitoral play whilst wearing the Fun Factory B Ball Silicone Beginner’s Butt Plug with Jiggle Ball is definitely orgasmic for me.


Overall opinion: 

A booty bargain with great sensations, recommended for beginners who have experimented with other plugs. It’s easy to use without necessarily douching beforehand, it still came out clean for me. Give it a thorough wash with warm soapy water and spritz with a sex toy cleaner, taking extra care in the crevices. I use a nail brush to get into those pesky places.

I’d rate the  Fun Factory B Ball Silicone Beginners Butt Plug with Jiggle ball a 10/10.

You can purchase the Fun Factory B Ball Silicone Beginners Butt Plug with Jiggle ball from Lovehoney today.

*my original review on Lovehoney, is under the username Purring Pussy. I’ve now added to my original view.

Tantus Throb



Being a relative newbie to Tantus and browsing various online sales, I came across the cute Throb, just as it was being discontinued from and it was at a bargain price of £28.95.

My Tantus Throb arrived discreetly packaged in a plain cardboard box, no embarrassment with the postie when he delivered it. The Throb comes showcased in a modern, colourful printed box and a plastic, easy to open casing, with windows to view  your new dildo.


How it measures up: A perfectly modest and realistic, average size Tantus throb is about 6 inches in length and a comfortable girth of 4.3 inches at its widest point. The suction base is almost 3 inches across, making it suitable for safe anal play. Made with 100% premium silicone, the Throb is body safe and phthalate free.


My first impressions: I love the realistic look of the Throb, its average sizing because I’m not much of a size queen. The curve of the shaft is ideal for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The protruding veins will add extra sensations during play. I like the matt black, my 3 other Tantus toys, the Slicks and Acute are shiny and seem to attract the most horrendous amount of dust, lint and cat hairs within micro seconds of removing from storage. The Throb does attract some dust and lint, I just keep sex toy wipes, handy.


Using the Throb: I applied some Sliquid water based lube to the head of the Throb and gently inserted it into me. Slow movements in and out made the texture of the veins inside me, ignite a fire that made my loins stir, making my nipples harden, my cheeks flush and my muscles clench. I began to use my We-Vibe Tango on my clit at the same time and rocked the Throb back and forth, massaging my G-spot. My senses had go into overdrive, I was tingling all over, my heart was beating harder and faster, in under 2 minutes, I could feel a huge build up of an orgasm and before I knew it, my body was shuddering, I was left gasping for breath and totally spent.Pulling out the Throb, it was great to see my juices covering the veins.

Anally, I found it easy to insert, it’s a good size for those who are next  up from beginners, but only if you’re into textures. I found it a little too intense, but I’m willing to keep trying, hoping to get used to and enjoy the sensations that I get vaginally.

I’ve started to use the Throb to edge my orgasms, instead of climaxing straight away, I stop and start, making my orgasms more intense.


Cleaning the Throb: Due to the veins, you’re going to need to take extra care in ensuring that your dildo is clean. As it is 100% silicone, you can boil, use a bleach solution, pop it in the dishwasher, or thoroughly use a sex toy cleaner. I have a nail brush that I only use to clean sex toys with (it gets replaces regularly), to ensure the crevices are cleaned. I use an antibacterial, liquid soap and hot water to clean. I store in a pouch to keep it dust free.

Overall: A great dildo with textures to make you throb! I’d rate it a good 8 out of 10. The dust magnetism is so frustrating. The size is perfect for me, but size queens may not feels satisfied with its size.

If you’re a fan of textures and prefer realistic looking dildos, with an average size, the Tantus Throb would be ideal. I’m so in love with it. It’s safe to use anally, great for all genders and strap-on compatible. Buy it now, here before it’s discontinued, as it’s no longer for sale on the Tantus website.

I bought the Tantus throb from

Tantus Slick Large & Small

IMG_5745  IMG_5749

I’m really excited to present to you the wonderful new dildos from Tantus

The Tantus Slicks are the latest in dual density dildos, that are specifically designed for use with a strap-on, anal play and P-spot stimulation and/or G-spot stimulation. There are 2 sizes available, Sick large, which I received in black (but also available in lilac), has an insertable length of 7.8 inches and a reasonable girth of 1.65 inches. Slick small comes in at 5.8 inches in insertable length and has a maximum diameter of 1.2 inches and is the first petite 02 dildo.



These are my very first dual density dildo’s, so sadly I can’t compare to the other dildo’s in the Tantus 02 dual density collection. I’m still relatively new to Tantus in fact. I do own the Acute and Throb, but have yet to review these dildo’s that I’ve purchased.

So what is dual density? Basically, it means that the outer layer is made from a super soft, squishy silicone, whilst the inner core is made from a firm silicone. This provides a life-like feel and makes it easy to insert anally (for myself at least, anyway).

The Slicks boast a non-lifelike appearance, with a spade-shaped head that is slightly bulbous, yet it tapers for easy insertion. The head is designed to stimulate the P-spot or G-spot, with a gentle curve to the dildo. The base is triangular, so you know which way to pop it into your strap-on.


3       2

As with all Tantus toys, the Slicks are made from their own unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone. This silicone is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odourless and phthalate free. You can keep them clean in various ways, from boiling, bleaching, popping in the dishwasher or using a sex toy cleaner. The only issue I have, is the silicone is a huge dust magnet. Even storing in a satin pouch, it comes out all fluffy. I keep some wet wipes in handy, before inserting either of the dildos, or else I’d end up with a furball in one of my orifices!


4     5

In use:

I only own a G-spot, but I have given the Slick small a road test, both  anally and vaginally. I’m not hugely into anal play, but the smaller size is perfect for me. The only issue I have, is that the dildo can become ridiculously slippy within your fingers, much like a fish from the pond, so don’t over do it on too much lube. If you’re a beginner, start with a warm up using your fingers or a small plug. I feel as though I need some gloves or something to help with keeping hold of the Slick small, but less so with the larger of the two, as you can use the base to grip onto.


Slick large feels fantastic vaginally. I love how I can clench my PC muscles around the dildo and not overtiring them by a stiff silicone, which inevitably leaves me rather sore. The curve of the slick, means I don’t have to do a mega workout with my arm, but a gentle rocking motion is all I need, which as someone with ME, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis, is a godsend.


Teamed with my Doxy, or We-vibe Tango, I can achieve very satisfying orgasms, it’s great to lay off the internal vibrations and experience orgasms with a life-like dildo, thanks to the dual density of the Slick. It’s about as intimate as I can get, without getting the fella involved. I would love to eventually be able to use the Slick small on him, but as yet, we have not explored anal play with him receiving.

I’d rate the Slicks at a generous 8 out of 10, the only things letting them down, is the magnetism of dust, hair and fibres and how slippery they can be, making it difficult to keep hold of them.

I was sent both Tantus Slicks for free, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

You can buy the Tantus Slicks from HERE

Writers block…

Don’t know what’s up with me at the moment. I have serious writers block and I lack motivation. I know one issue is possibly that I’m not happy with this whole blog and my reviews aren’t up to scratch. Feel it’s rather lacking on a professional level. It doesn’t help that it takes me so long to understand what I’m doing, tech wise.


Please bear with me, I’m not accepting any new stuffs until I’m up to date withe products I’m behind with. Hopefully I’ll be up and running as usual, soon.

Kind regards,

Vixy x

Adrien Lastic 2X-Double Vibrator


I was thrilled to be contacted by the team at Adrien Lastic to see if I was interested in reviewing a product of my choice. Having such a huge collection of various sex toys, I wanted something a bit different and the 2X-Double Vibrator seemed to be just that.

As a Pansexual, polyamorous female, I would be able to give the 2X a thorough testing with both a male partner and female partner.

The Packaging:

The 2X-double vibrator is presented in a modern, yet simple cardboard box with a removable sleeve. This sleeve has an explanation of the 2X in 7 different languages. You will also find four images on the side, showing how the 2X can be used. I also like the mini pictures and words that add a fun touch. Removing the cardboard sleeve, reveals the two ends of the vibrators and the extra beaded attachment in a vivid pink box. It seems to be mainly aimed to the female market with the pink box and purple vibes.


Inside the box is the 2X, a satin storage pouch, remote control, a USB charger and small information leaflet which is basically the same as what is written on the box.

The Product:

The first thing I like to do with new silicone toys, is have a fondle with it and the 2X is one of those that I can’t put down. The soft, smooth silicone is rather high end, it feels great on your skin. I love exploring the curves and bumps of the vibrators. I can have them out for hours and there is no lint, dust or cat hairs in site of it, which is a huge bonus…..aint got no patience to keep rinsing toys under the tap, or spraying sex toy cleaner every couple of minuets before play!

IMG_5671    IMG_5670

The colour is very much on the girly side, being purple. It seems very much aimed at lesbian couples more than heterosexual couples. Doubt that many guys would be fussed about the colours, but a blue or black option would be good.

Okay, so the toy is two vibrators connected by an 11 inch flexible cable. The cable doesn’t have any stretch to it, it pulls taut, so the idea is to be as close to your partner as possible. The two vibrators are clearly different. The biggest one has some subtle bumps all over it. It has a tapered head, for easy insertion, it gets slightly wider, before getting narrower. Here you’ll find the power button which is the Adrien Lastic ‘A’. Beneath this is the charging port.


The second vibrator is 3 solid beads, the smallest making it easier for insertion. The base reminds me of a large,  mediterranean  plant pot with its design. You can add various attachments to this vibrator, there are P/G-Spot sheaths, vaginal patterned sheaths and the beaded one. I got the beaded one with mine, which I first thought could be added to the bigger vibrator, but it only fits over the existing beads which are exactly the same. You may need to use water based lube to fit the attachments.


The remote control is a niffty little thing, shaped like a thin pebble, It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. It comes with a LR32 disc battery. I needed to use a coin to open the battery cover, just a simple twist and it comes off. Pop the battery inside, replace the cover with the help of the coin and Bobs your Uncle. There are three simple buttons on the remote, a power button to turn on/off and a  + button to scroll through the 10 vibration modes and a – button to scroll back through the patterns.  It lights up the numbers 0-9 and as you increase the modes, the panel will spell out ‘Exploring Senses.’

IMG_5683  IMG_5694


To get the power going, you need to press the ‘A’ button on the textured vibrator, just above the discreet charging port. Hold the button for a couple of seconds and the vibes will rumble into action. Turn on your remote control and discover the various vibrations and patterns.


I found the vibrations to be moderately rumbly, which for me is great as I find buzzy vibrations annoying and unsatisfying. There are 3 speeds and 7 patterns. I think the motors could have had a couple of other speeds and had a more deeper rumble. The motors are pretty quiet, you’d probably get away with playing under a duvet if you house share.

In use, I havebeen able to experiment with the 2X-Double Vibrator solo and with 2 partners, male and female.


I have found the vibrators to be a perfect size for my annatomy, I can use both vibrators at the same time, anally and vaginally. With plenty water based lube, I like to insert the beaded end inside my derriere. The vibrations on this vibe are based at the bottom, the vibrations don’t travel too well to the top bead. I find that because of where the motor is placed, the vibrations become tickly around my anus and then quite annoying. The slightly larger vibe has more power to it, it’s more rumbly and feels great on my clit or inserted into my vagina. It takes longer to climax with this vibe, although it feels good, I’m impatient and like to orgasm quite quickly, so in the end I had to add my Tango to liven things up a little.

Female Partner:

You can use the 2X in a couple of different ways, all you need is imagination. We started off using the vibes to stimulate our clits, nipples and trace along each others bodies to tease. When it came to inserting the vibes, we both went with vaginally first. We had a giggle trying to find a good position, we discovered that the cord was not long enough for our liking. Our position ended in a scissor style, as we grinded together. It was fun going through the differnt patterns but again the Tango had to come into play. We decided not to try any other positions, a longer cord was needed to be a little more adventureous. More power was much needed, especially equal power, there was always one of us with less power on the beaded vibe, so lots of swapping vibes going on.


Male Partner:

My experience was pretty much the same as above. We couldn’t find a suitable position, but my partner loved the sensation of the various pattern that were rumbling in his butt! We found it more exciting to tease each other with the vibes as foreplay. He would trace the beaded vibe around my clit whilst inerting the other into my vagina. I’m a sucker for him being in control of the remote and vibrations. Perfect for a warm up before sex.

The Attachment:


I found no real use for the attachment with it being the same as the beaded vibe. It wouldn’t fit on the textured vibe, so it was rather pointless. However, you can buy extra attachments as I stated earlier.

Charging and maintenence:

USB rechargable, there is a tiny hole under the ‘A’ power button. The vibe will light up red around the charging port and I’ll charge it for a couple of hours and get about 40 minutes play. Had the battery in the remote for a few weeks and it’s still working fine.


The 2X is only Splash Proof, so please be careful when cleaning. You can’t dunk it in water, I use a good sex toy cleaner with wipes or a damp cloth. Store in its satin bag, with the remote, attachment and charging cable,to keep it clean and dust free.

Overall Summary:

I think the 2X-Double Vibrator is a great concept, it feels luxurious with the soft silicone. The remote control is my favourite thing about it, all my toys should come with something so ergonomic and easy to use. I liked the rumbles of the patterns, but would love them to be deeper and stronger. The motors need to be equal too, so that both partners could experience the same, without one having to lose out on power. A longer cord would have worked better for me, too.

If you have lots of imagination, have a flexible body and enjoy prolonged foreplay, the 2X would be ideal for you. A couple who are new to exploring sex toys together, who like mid-range  vibrations would be most suited to this sex toy.

You can buy the 2X here Adrien Lastic

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