Meo Mancunt hybrid lube



I have been dying to test a lube that claimed to look and feel like cum, so when Wolf at MEO kindly sent the ManCunt hybrid lube in a box of goodies, this was the first I had to give a whirl and have some fun with.

Now some of you who read this, may be shocked at the awesome name of this lube, I never get tired of saying it. ManCunt! If you wasn’t sure what a mancunt  is, lemme explain; basically, it’s the arsehole of a gay man, or term for a submissive gay man, especially those who like to receive the anal sex, also know as ‘bottoming.’ Since MEO is aimed at gay men, I find the name of this lube to be quite apt!

If you’re big on discretion, you’re probably gonna need to peel off the label, not many people I know would be happy to display this in the family bathroom. Great if you’re single or just you and your partner, I’m just one of those who like to give the shock factor, so anybody seeing this in my home will immediately ask “What the fuck, Vixen?”

The ManCunt lube comes in a pump action bottle *hoorah!* I hate lubes with flip caps or screw lids, I end up all fingers and thumbs and the bottle quite often sliding out of my hands if I use the lube too excessively. You get a good 125ml and due to ManCunt being a hybrid lube (a mixture of water-based and silicone lube), you get the best of both worlds. However, if you don’t get on with Glycerin, you may want to give this lube a swerve. I’ve been fine and it has had no issues on my sensitive vulva or anus, thankfully.

man2     man3

When I first sampled Mancunt, I wasn’t too convinced that it looked and felt like cum, it comes out a little too thick, but as it adjusts to your body heat, it begins to thin slightly, making it appear more realistic. Leave it on your skin a little too long and it becomes more watery, changing it’s look from a young spunky sample, to an older mans vasectomy sample! It does however feel a slightly too much like a skin lotion than cum itself, but then I never leave cum on me long enough to remember what it feels like, I try not to spill a drop….such a waste!

This gave me the bright idea to take some pictures using the lube as though I’d had a facial and stick it on a swinging website that I’m on, to see if they could tell if it was real spunk, or something else. Every comment I received was from a bloke, every one of them thought I had been out on a random meet for a suck and go, receiving a facial as a reward. It certainly had them all fooled. What I wasn’t expecting, was how soft my face felt afterwards, ManCunt is very moisturising and it ever so slightly numbed my lips.


During use, it makes masturbation effortless on both myself and a circumcised cock, with it being so moisturising, wanking a bloke has never been so luxurious, so bin the oils! I wouldn’t recommend using with silicone toys, just in case the silicone’s react. I’ve used ManCunt on glass and steel dildos and it hasn’t dried up and needed re-applying, like I find most water-based lubes, needing. The bottle should last for ages, unless I keep taking pictures that make me look like I’ve just completed a bukkake!

My overall opinion of MEO ManCunt Hybrid Lube, is very positive. The pump action bottle is easy to use, it looks like cum, is very moisturising and long lasting. I love it and will be recommending it to everybody.

Thank you to MEO for sending this product free of charge, in return for an honest review. This has not affected my opinions on this product.

You can buy ManCunt at Meo for 16.90 Euros.


Lovehoney Main Squeeze Double Kegel Balls 60g

I am no stranger when it comes to Kegel balls. I own various shapes and sizes, from glass to steel,  but none have come close to being as successful as these. They have changed my life! I will explain further on.

I was sent the Lovehoney Main Squeeze Double Kegel Balls for free, in exchange of my honest review.

As ever, with Lovehoney’s own branded products, the Lovehoney Main Squeeze Double Kegel Balls come in a tasteful box with the logos. Inside is a brief, easy to read instruction leaflet. The only thing lacking would be a satin pouch to keep them safely in, but luckily I had a spare LH pouch to store them in.

These Kegel balls are aimed as a progressive pelvic workout, moving on from the single 30g ball to progress your workout. Then there is a third set of heavy 90g balls for the advanced user, which you can buy separately.

First thing to notice about the Kegel balls is the vibrant purple colour and the velvety smooth silicone. They feel ever so luxurious and they are seam-free and flawless. Silicone is super hygienic, no worrying about bacteria lurking on the balls after washing, and they are skin-friendly with no phthalates. A super smooth finger loop means you can nip to the loo whilst wearing them (if you think you can keep the balls in place). The silicone dries quickly, unlike the corded versions on other Kegel balls. The balls do collect a bit of lint and hairs (especially the pesky cats!!), but a quick rinse before inserting and they’re good to go.

The connecting silicone in the middle is firm, which makes it easy to insert both of the balls. The 60g weight is one of the heaviest I have used so far, but once inside the vagina, there isn’t a heavy feeling, but after a few days use, you do notice that they are there.

To insert, it’s recommended to use a good water-based lube. I prefer Lovehoney’s own brand. A good dollop on the balls and the vulva and they should slide in easily. It’s best not to use a silicone lube, as the balls may react to it and you wouldn’t want to go and spoil the flawless surface of the balls.

Once the balls are inserted your internal muscles automatically clench around the balls, but as I have had issues with bowel incontinence due to spinal surgery, I gave myself an extra workout with the pelvic floor exercises my physiotherapist gave me. Basically it was to wear the balls for 15 minuets 3 times a day, clenching for 10 seconds and relaxing, then repeat 10 times. The other exercise was to do quick clenches and release.

I had been doing this for several months with glass balls, with only a slight improvement. 4 days of using the Lovehoney Main Squeeze Double Kegel Balls and I’m back to full control of my bowel. Absolutely amazing and life changing. If you suffer with bladder incontinence I believe these balls could really help, with the added exercises.

If you are just looking to tighten/tone your internal muscles, simply start off by wearing the balls for 15 minuets at a time and progress to longer periods. You can do your usual activities, such as walking, jogging, dancing etc. and you’ll be giving yourself an internal workout.

I don’t really feel the balls jiggle inside. I have done on occasion when bending down, or climbing stairs, but I wasn’t intending on getting any kind of sexual pleasure from them, I was hoping for a miracle cure to my incontinence, and that is what I got!

Occasionally, if I leave the balls in for several hours, my muscles begin to ache a little. This is when I know I need to remove them. With all the exercising I’ve been doing, I’ve not only solved my medical issue, I have really tightened up! My muscles grip the balls, so for easy removal I find that squatting or having one leg raised on a stool helps to ease the balls out.

When I have gone on to use a glass dildo immediately after, even with generous amounts of lube I can feel how tight my muscles have become and I have an awesome grip on the glass. I can stand up and the glass won’t slide out!

To clean, I use soapy hot water and Lovehoney sex toy cleaner, pat dry with a towel and store in a satin pouch to keep them dust free.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend these balls to intermediate users, after the 30g ball and for those that may have incontinence issues, especially after child birth, or if you want to just do a general toning to get stronger orgasms. These balls have really been fantastic for me and have changed my life for the better. I just wish they’d have been available sooner – perhaps I’d have saved some money from buying all the other Kegel balls I own! If you’re looking for something to give you orgasms, these balls may not be for you.

Buy them. You won’t be disappointed. 9/10