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Fun Factory The Boss Nude Realistic Dildo



I’m a huge fan of Fun Factory products, but mostly own their vibrating toys, this is my first Fun Factory dildo! Considering my huge collection of dildos, this is also my first flesh coloured, realistic dido and I wasn’t left disappointed. I immediately appreciated that the dildo was made from a luxury brand.  I was thrilled to be chosen to test and review the Fun Factory The Boss Stud Nude Realistic Dildo for LOVEHONEY.

20170730_172835_resized   20170730_172849_resized  20170730_172908_resized

The  Fun Factory The Boss Stud Nude Realistic Dildo comes in a tasteful packaging, although the outer sleeve isn’t that discreet with its images of the Boss. You can remove and discard this outer sleeve and keep the gold box and use it for storage. Sadly, fun Factory never provide a storage bag for any of their toys, which is a bit of a disappointment, considering it’s a luxury brand and most of their toys are such huge dust collectors.

On removing the Boss dildo from its packaging, I was surprised at how realistic it is compared to the photos, it is very pleasing to the eye.  I’m a huge fan of a cut/circumcised cock and this dildo is very realistic with its bulbous head and prominent veins.  The silicone feels great and it isn’t too grabby with lint and my cat hairs like some dildos do.


The triangular flared base makes the Boss a safe dildo to use for anal play and is suitable to use in the bath or shower as it has a strong suction to attach to smooth areas such as bathroom tiles. The Boss is also harness compatible for strap-on play.


A veiny, firm, yet flexible shaft provides extra stimulation, but as they are towards the bottom of the dildo, you’ll need to insert The Boss fully into your vagina or booty. The curved shape of The Boss means that it’s great for Gspot or Pspot stimulation.

20170730_173124_resized  20170730_173147_resized

With an insertable length of 7 inches and a great girth of 5.5 inches, the Fun Factory The Boss Stud Nude Realistic Dildo is perfect for those who seek a full feeling, which this certainly provides.

During use I’d recommend plenty of water-based lube, especially as the silicone is quite draggy which may make the Boss uncomfortable to use. Although I produce my own lubrication, it’s never enough when using this dildo. Silicone lube isn’t suitable as it will mostly likely react with the silicone on the dildo. You also may need to use a smaller toy for a warm-up before inserting the Boss.


On insertion, I love how the bulbous head teases my vulva and then pops into my vagina. There is a lip under the head that just feel divine when inserting and removing the dildo. It’s a great tease, especially when my fella is in control and doing the thrusting for me. I feel slightly stretched and full and it doesn’t jab at my pelvic bone like some larger dildos do. The silicone is a little draggy, but plenty of lube will limit this feeling. My favourite way to use the girthy, Boss, is to stick its base onto the bottom of a small plate and bounce up and down on it, or have someone to use the dildo on my whilst I’m lay on my back.

I adore those veins, but I need to insert the dildo fully to get the extra stimulation. The more aroused I am, the further I can insert it. Due to my cervix being high, I can take advantage of the full length. The bulbous head provides most of the stimulation. The Fun Factory The Boss Stud Nude Realistic Dildo  being curved for Gspot stimulation and the wonderful lip under the head is magical. If I use the head of the dildo, I can rub it against my G-spot, which always helps to achieve climaxing.


The Fun Factory The Boss Stud Nude Realistic Dildo is fantastic and worth the price at £47.99 for a luxury toy. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners – you may struggle with the length and girth. It’s perfect for anal play due to the flared base. Unfortunately I have not been brave enough to discover anal play with the Boss. I lack experience with larger dildos.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Fun Factory The Boss Stud Nude Realistic Dildo. It is very stimulating and pleasing to the eye. If you love realistic, large dildos, the Boss is for you. It is worth a 9/10 for me, the lack of storage bag and the draggy silicone that drinks up lube just lets it down a little.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending the Boss in exchange of an honest review. It’s been and will remain a pleasure to use. You can purchase the Boss Here


I was sent the Fun Factory The Boss dildo in exchange for my honest opinion and review. This does not affect my opinion in any way.


Tantus Throb



Being a relative newbie to Tantus and browsing various online sales, I came across the cute Throb, just as it was being discontinued from sextoys.co.uk and it was at a bargain price of £28.95.

My Tantus Throb arrived discreetly packaged in a plain cardboard box, no embarrassment with the postie when he delivered it. The Throb comes showcased in a modern, colourful printed box and a plastic, easy to open casing, with windows to view  your new dildo.


How it measures up: A perfectly modest and realistic, average size Tantus throb is about 6 inches in length and a comfortable girth of 4.3 inches at its widest point. The suction base is almost 3 inches across, making it suitable for safe anal play. Made with 100% premium silicone, the Throb is body safe and phthalate free.


My first impressions: I love the realistic look of the Throb, its average sizing because I’m not much of a size queen. The curve of the shaft is ideal for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The protruding veins will add extra sensations during play. I like the matt black, my 3 other Tantus toys, the Slicks and Acute are shiny and seem to attract the most horrendous amount of dust, lint and cat hairs within micro seconds of removing from storage. The Throb does attract some dust and lint, I just keep sex toy wipes, handy.


Using the Throb: I applied some Sliquid water based lube to the head of the Throb and gently inserted it into me. Slow movements in and out made the texture of the veins inside me, ignite a fire that made my loins stir, making my nipples harden, my cheeks flush and my muscles clench. I began to use my We-Vibe Tango on my clit at the same time and rocked the Throb back and forth, massaging my G-spot. My senses had go into overdrive, I was tingling all over, my heart was beating harder and faster, in under 2 minutes, I could feel a huge build up of an orgasm and before I knew it, my body was shuddering, I was left gasping for breath and totally spent.Pulling out the Throb, it was great to see my juices covering the veins.

Anally, I found it easy to insert, it’s a good size for those who are next  up from beginners, but only if you’re into textures. I found it a little too intense, but I’m willing to keep trying, hoping to get used to and enjoy the sensations that I get vaginally.

I’ve started to use the Throb to edge my orgasms, instead of climaxing straight away, I stop and start, making my orgasms more intense.


Cleaning the Throb: Due to the veins, you’re going to need to take extra care in ensuring that your dildo is clean. As it is 100% silicone, you can boil, use a bleach solution, pop it in the dishwasher, or thoroughly use a sex toy cleaner. I have a nail brush that I only use to clean sex toys with (it gets replaces regularly), to ensure the crevices are cleaned. I use an antibacterial, liquid soap and hot water to clean. I store in a pouch to keep it dust free.

Overall: A great dildo with textures to make you throb! I’d rate it a good 8 out of 10. The dust magnetism is so frustrating. The size is perfect for me, but size queens may not feels satisfied with its size.

If you’re a fan of textures and prefer realistic looking dildos, with an average size, the Tantus Throb would be ideal. I’m so in love with it. It’s safe to use anally, great for all genders and strap-on compatible. Buy it now, here sextoys.co.uk before it’s discontinued, as it’s no longer for sale on the Tantus website.

I bought the Tantus throb from sextoys.co.uk




Tantus Slick Large & Small

IMG_5745  IMG_5749

I’m really excited to present to you the wonderful new dildos from Tantus

The Tantus Slicks are the latest in dual density dildos, that are specifically designed for use with a strap-on, anal play and P-spot stimulation and/or G-spot stimulation. There are 2 sizes available, Sick large, which I received in black (but also available in lilac), has an insertable length of 7.8 inches and a reasonable girth of 1.65 inches. Slick small comes in at 5.8 inches in insertable length and has a maximum diameter of 1.2 inches and is the first petite 02 dildo.



These are my very first dual density dildo’s, so sadly I can’t compare to the other dildo’s in the Tantus 02 dual density collection. I’m still relatively new to Tantus in fact. I do own the Acute and Throb, but have yet to review these dildo’s that I’ve purchased.

So what is dual density? Basically, it means that the outer layer is made from a super soft, squishy silicone, whilst the inner core is made from a firm silicone. This provides a life-like feel and makes it easy to insert anally (for myself at least, anyway).

The Slicks boast a non-lifelike appearance, with a spade-shaped head that is slightly bulbous, yet it tapers for easy insertion. The head is designed to stimulate the P-spot or G-spot, with a gentle curve to the dildo. The base is triangular, so you know which way to pop it into your strap-on.


3       2

As with all Tantus toys, the Slicks are made from their own unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone. This silicone is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odourless and phthalate free. You can keep them clean in various ways, from boiling, bleaching, popping in the dishwasher or using a sex toy cleaner. The only issue I have, is the silicone is a huge dust magnet. Even storing in a satin pouch, it comes out all fluffy. I keep some wet wipes in handy, before inserting either of the dildos, or else I’d end up with a furball in one of my orifices!


4     5

In use:

I only own a G-spot, but I have given the Slick small a road test, both  anally and vaginally. I’m not hugely into anal play, but the smaller size is perfect for me. The only issue I have, is that the dildo can become ridiculously slippy within your fingers, much like a fish from the pond, so don’t over do it on too much lube. If you’re a beginner, start with a warm up using your fingers or a small plug. I feel as though I need some gloves or something to help with keeping hold of the Slick small, but less so with the larger of the two, as you can use the base to grip onto.


Slick large feels fantastic vaginally. I love how I can clench my PC muscles around the dildo and not overtiring them by a stiff silicone, which inevitably leaves me rather sore. The curve of the slick, means I don’t have to do a mega workout with my arm, but a gentle rocking motion is all I need, which as someone with ME, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis, is a godsend.


Teamed with my Doxy, or We-vibe Tango, I can achieve very satisfying orgasms, it’s great to lay off the internal vibrations and experience orgasms with a life-like dildo, thanks to the dual density of the Slick. It’s about as intimate as I can get, without getting the fella involved. I would love to eventually be able to use the Slick small on him, but as yet, we have not explored anal play with him receiving.

I’d rate the Slicks at a generous 8 out of 10, the only things letting them down, is the magnetism of dust, hair and fibres and how slippery they can be, making it difficult to keep hold of them.

I was sent both Tantus Slicks for free, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

You can buy the Tantus Slicks from HERE


Ceramix No.6 Pleasure Pottery Dildo.20160322_230527_resized


I am a huge lover of glass dildos and butt plugs and had always wanted to try something ceramic, but I found not many places sold it, however I found a small collection of pipedream’s Ceramix about to be discontinued on Lovehoney. I had to snap up the No.6, mainly because it is strap-on compatible and it had a good length to it and it has a Tim Burton design to it, as does the rest of the collection. I must say, I’m not the only blogger/reviewer to say that.

I wasn’t expecting the packaging to be as presentable if I’m honest. Pipedream are known to use garish, in your face, 80’s style porn over some of their products, that are mainly aimed at men and although there is no getting away what this product is, it is far more tasteful and looks like it belongs in ‘Beetlejuice’ or ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.I like how the dildo is displayed in a window, the opening of a ‘door’ to see the dildo sitting nestled inside polystyrene to keep it safe. There is some handy info on the back of the box on how to use your new dildo. A velvet storage bag would have been a great addition.

The dildo is a little bigger than what I’d usually go for at 9 inches long and a circumference of 5.5 inches, but having someone to use it on me, instead of solo play, I can lie back and relax, making myself accommodate the dildo more easily. The curved, bulbous head makes inserting the dildo rather easily, it’s light, smooth and being ceramic has no drag. With lube it slides in easily. The stripes are like ripples and make for a great sensation. With the slight curve, you can guarantee to hit the G-Spot and explore your inner, deeper desires with the long shaft. The cool sensation of the ceramic slowly heating to your body temperature as you slowly thrust the dildo in and out is such an erotic feeling.

What I love with the Ceramix No.6 is the temperature play. At the base of the dildo, you will see the rubber plug, that is well plugged!! I had to get help to remove it. Crush some ice and stuff the dildo and replace the plug. Imagination can go a long way here. Tease nipples, inner thighs, cock and testicles by gently tracing the dildo to make your partner squirm. Once inserted the cold sensations will make you squirm some more! Due to the flared base, you can enjoy the dildo anally. If you’re not too keen on the cold, how about warming the dildo in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water or perhaps filling with hot water and enjoy a heat sensation. Make sure you fill it to the top, or the sploshing sound may put you off!


I really wish I had purchased the Ceramix N0.6 a lot sooner, it has been a great addition to my collection. It’s perfect for size Queens, safe to use anally and importantly is body safe and phthlates free. If you’re a fan of glass, such as Pipedreams icicles range, you’ll fall in love with this. It’s easy to clean with a good sex toy cleaner, or pop it in the dishwasher (without your usual detergent).

I love the quirky design and that you can see it’s hand painted. I was just disappointed that there was no storage bag, so I have to keep it in it’s box. I now need to add more Ceramix to my collection! 10/10


Lovehoney Lifelike 8 Inch Pink Dildo with Suction Cup

I had the  Lovehoney Lifelike 8 inch pink dildo with suction cup on my wishlist for several months before taking the plunge and buying it. You see, I was always happy to buy and use 10 inch plus dongs to use on others, but when it came to using anything bigger than 5 inches on myself,  my vagina would close up at the thought! Yup, tight as a clam…that was until I met this guy at a swingers club, he wooed me into a room and revealed a 9 inch cock! From there he came a regular swinging partner, but he often worked away and I began to crave a more fuller feeling during solo masturbation and here is where the Lovehoney dildo appeared in my life.

If you have never shopped with Lovehoney, you’ll be unfamiliar with their packaging. It is always discreet, in a plain brown box, a tracking label and your address label, so it’s safe to have your parcel delivered at home, work or a neighbours. Inside this box, you’ll find that the dildo comes in a smart cardboard box, it’s female friendly with no garish 80’s porn style photography in sight.  Lovehoney gets the packaging just right. It even has a little leaflet inside with a few tips and care instructions.

Taking the dildo out of the packaging, I spent a while just studying and feeling it. It is so realistic that I want to lick it, run my hands up and down its shaft and nibble on the testicles. Am I weird? Hahaha. I can’t put it down. I stick it on my laptop and stroke it!

The detailing is truly amazing. Most definitely lifelike, it resembles a circumcised penis (my preference in men). The bulbous head is perfectly shaped and the veiny shaft is realistic and the testicles are even slightly different sizes. Spot-on Lovehoney!

Silicone is the way to go for safe sex toys. It is body friendly, as it can’t harbour bacteria, it contains no phthalates and no latex, so if you share this dildo between washes, it’s safe to do so.

I just love the silicone. It’s so smooth and flexible. The suction cup base is wide and very strong. Great to stick to your bathroom tiles and get in the doggy position whilst in the shower, although I struggle a bit in this position and prefer to just lay back in bed and thrust the dildo. The slightly curved shaft is perfect for G-Spot stimulation and this is my favourite way to orgasm at the moment. It may also be worth noting, that I find the dildo to be easier inserted upside down, so the balls are facing up to the ceiling, as I can find the ridge of the head slightly uncomfortable. Once in, I turn the dildo back to the right way down, but can only do soft thrusts, anything vigorous tends to hurt, unless I keep it upside down for longer thrusts.

This dildo also fits well into my strap-on harness, and even though the dildo is quite heavy and flops, but it is easy to insert and use on another person. Great for pegging or girl on girl as there is plenty of length to play with.

With lashings of water-based lube, the tapered head makes for easy insertion. As I slowly begin to push it in, the shaft getting deeper, I gasp at the fullness, the stretch of my vaginal muscles, then the slight spasms inside. I feel every vein caressing my moist vagina. Balls deep, the balls tease your labia and clitoris when pumping the dildo in and out. I also like to keep the dildo still and rock back and forth on it, getting the extra external stimulation. Orgasms are wet and powerful.

I have yet to try this on myself anally and think it will be a long while until I do so, so sadly can’t review how the dildo feels this way. Sorry guys.

To wash, simply use a good sex toy cleaner or wipes, warm soapy water, or stick it in the dishwasher. You can boil it and use 10% bleach solution with water. Air dry, or use a towel to gently rub it down.

I’d not recommend this dildo to beginners, but would recommend it to anal users, size Queens, intermediate/advanced peggers. 8/10


Buy it, you won’t regret it! You can buy at Lovehoney for £34:99