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A little about myself:

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Well hello there, greetings one and all. I’m Vixen, a very voluptuous and rubenesque, plus size lady. I’m a bit of a sex toy addict and I’m currently discovering the delights of the more luxurious toys, after purchasing many basic range and lower priced toys, over the last 4 years, although my very first vibe was bought some 20 years ago!

It all started with discovering Lovehoney and being chosen to regularly review items they sent out to me. I quickly became addicted to the site, their offers and discovering my body with various sex toys, not to mention the plus size lingerie giving me the confidence to flaunt my curves. I’ve been reviewing for Lovehoney now for over 3 years and thoroughly enjoy it and hoping to branch out to other retailers once my blog is up and running properly.

I’m rather passionate about sex toys and that all genders should enjoy incorporating them into the bedroom, whether you’re single or in a relationship as I believe they can bring another dynamic to a relationship or self discovery.

I’m disabled and can be quite ill at times. I no longer have a job, so I spend my time moderating on a forum and of course, using and reviewing sex toys. Currently looking into sex furniture that will help me during solo or sex with my partner. It doesn’t help being such a big lady, I really do have fat girl problems!

I am a bit of a crazy cat lady, owned by just the one cat at the moment. When I’m not faffing around the internet, I love to visit swinging and fetish clubs, usually with lady friends. I have a submissive who is into anal play with huge dildos and he’s not too fussy about what materials his dildos are, where as I prefer body safe toys. We like to indulge in bondage and can switch, to me being sub and he being the Dom.

I do also have a partner of 9 years, he gets to help road test toys with me and on occasion will join me at a swingers club for  the odd threesome or moresome.

Contact Me:

If you want to know more about me, or wish to contact me about reviewing any products, feel free to email me at or on twitter HERE




Why should we use sex toys?

Sex toys are becoming less taboo in society, mainly thanks to sex shops opening on our busy streets, rather than hidden down the darkest of alleys and te spurge of online retailers, making it practically anonymous to purchase toys from the comfort of your own home. Add the huge amount of bloggers and vloggers on the net,  giving advice and reviews on various products, you can see why sex toys are becoming more acceptable.

With the market expanding on male and couples sex toys, using them with a partner to enhance a sex session can make lovemaking more satisfying. Take a vibrating cock ring for example. The ring itself could help a guy have a prolonged erection, increase sensitivity and delay ejaculation, whilst providing vibrations to the clitoris, so that the lady is dual stimulated by the ring and her partners penis. You’re hands are therefore left to explore each others bodies with sensual touching and caressing.

Toys could help either person to achieve orgasm quicker. I have often gone through sex sessions without orgasm, due to the other person climaxing before me, so bullets and palm vibrators such as the We-Vibe Tango or Touch, Lelo Mia 2 or Siri 2 are a great addition and not too intrusive, great for clit stim, as well as use on nipples, perineum, frenulum or other sweet spots.Basically, if you’re in a relationship, sex toys can add intimacy, sizzle and spice and if anything else, a little laughter and saucy shenanigans. As your confidence grows, you may indulge in sensation play with the likes of satin blindfolds, wrist restraints and a paddle. All you need is an imagination and good communication skills with your partner.

Sex toys are just as important for solo pleasure with a wide choice of masturbators, anal plugs and dildos and P-Stim toys. For  the ladies, the choice is endless. Toys can help you to explore your body and get to know what makes you tick. It’s healthy to have a solo sesh, letting out that release and enjoy discovering more intense, mind blowing, earth-shattering orgasms.



Beginners guide to sex toys.

Where do you start in a new, exciting and slightly daunting world of sex toys? There are so many to choose from compared to when I started buying sex toys 20 years ago! Gone are the days of dark, seedy shops in back alley’s, we now have a plethora of bright, friendly high street shops and user friendly websites that sell anything from discreet lipstick size vibes, to big, powerful wands. Sex toys aimed at men are rapidly improving, with a growing number of toys to choose from and are becoming just as part of the norm as women’s sex toys. Gone are the naff, plastic, blow up dolls, replaced by life like masturbators with VR technology!

So, here is my list for beginners that are just starting out:

Bullet Vibrators.

Discreet, small, powerful and offering direct, pin point clitoral stimulation, bullet vibrators are a great first time sex toy. Clit stim is what the majority of ladies need to require in order to climax. They aren’t designed to be used internally, but they can be used over nipples, anus and even used on men if you’re part of a couple. Simply trace the bullet along his shaft, nipples and other sweet spots! Some bullets come as one speed, while others come with a variation of speeds and patterns. Guy, if you have a masturbator, certain brands have a separate little compartment to pop a bullet into, for added stimulation.

Classic Vibrators.

Like a bullet, but larger and longer, designed to be inserted, but can be used for clitoral stimulation too, especially if you have trouble holding a bullet, or if you need a bit more ‘reach’ in order to find an angle that is more suited. They can have varied speeds and vibrations and aren’t too intimidating.

Cock Rings.

Suitable for couples as well as single men, cock rings are worn at the base of the penis to enhance an erection, making it firmer, adding new sensations with the possibility of a longer performance. Best to start with a simple rubber or silicone ring and leave the metal ones to more advanced users. Cock rings with a bullet attached is added stimulation for you and your partner.

Rabbit Vibrators.

Probably the most famous female sex toy! It’s dual purpose gave me my first G-Spot and clitoral combined orgasm. The ears are designed to snuggly fit around your clit, whilst the shaft is used internally. They can come in many designs, from rabbit ears, dolphin noses or just a simple arm. Some have rotating beads or thrusting motions, but if you’re just starting off, a simple mini or slimline rabbit would be ideal, then upgrade at a future date.


No buzz in these, dildo’s tend to be phallic shaped and life like. You can get them in a variety of materials, from rubber, to silicone, glass, wood, ceramic and metal. They are great if you need internal stimulation to orgasm and you can get them specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation. Some dildos come in handy for using with strap-on harnesses or with a suction cup for solo play.


With such variety nowadays, guys can indulge in masturbators that come in various types, from strokers to fleshlights, eggs or vaginas. They are textured tubes in various designs, some life like and can be used solo or with a partner. I love using themon my other half! Tenga eggs are a good starting point and a Fleshlight is worth investing in!


Keep it sensual with satin blindfolds, satin restraints, petite silk floggers and feather ticklers. The Fifty Shades of Grey range is good for starting off. Once confident with a blindfold and restraints, tease your partners body  with massage, add a bullet and gently use a pin wheel. It doesn’t need to be about pain, but teasing and being erotic.


If you have explored with fingers and rimming, you could naturally progress to using a slimline butt plug or anal beads. You can use a small, bulbed douche to clean if you’re worried about hygiene. These can come with a small attachment to insert warm water up your booty! Plugs can be left in for as long as you feel comfortable. Always buy butt plugs with a flared base, to keep it from being sucked in.