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DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger



When it comes to floggers, I’m quite the collector, I love to receive impact play, whether it’s intimately in the bedroom, or hardcore in a dungeon. So when Lovehoney wanted a secret tester, I had to volunteer and was lucky to be chosen to give the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger a thorough road test and my honest opinion in this review.



Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a great piece to have in your kink kit and due to it’s smaller size, you can pop it in your bag if you plan on a naughty weekend away.

I’m a huge fan of DOMINIX products. They’re fantastic prices and excellent quality, made to last, and they don’t look out of place in the bedroom or a specialist dungeon. I own many pieces of their products, from collars to blindfolds, floggers and canes.

On arrival you get the Lovehoney discreet packaging and a simple clear bag with the DOMINIX logo on. This is easy to dispose of without giving it away as to what you’ve bought.

First impressions:


On taking the flogger out you can immediately smell the sweet aroma of pure leather. It just smells great, and certainly puts me in the mood for some kinky time. On the wrist loop you’ll find a DOMINIX tag, which can easily be removed.

Running my fingers through the 40, 10-inch strands, whilst admiring the craftsmanship of the handle and overall flogger you get a feel that it has been individually crafted to suit your needs. The silver studs on the handle are rather unique in that they give a slight crystal effect.


In use:

If you have experimented with a little tie and tease, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a perfect step-up to use with your partner. The soft, leather fronds can tease your body and provide new sensations and stimulation.

Due to its smaller size this flogger is ideal to use on breasts, feet and genitals if you’re brave enough, and ideal for beginners as it’s not too intimidating. You can use the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger very sensually with light swings that offer a soft impact and teasing tickles. With more force the flogger can provide some thud. Add a blindfold and you can heighten your senses and enjoy the anticipation and feel of the leather gently hitting your bare skin.


I enjoy being tied down to my bed, blindfolded, naked and have all my trust in my partner. It’s a great warm up flogger if you like to start off with gentle strokes, awakening my senses and building up to a harder thrashing before moving on to a crop or paddle.

Overall thoughts:

Overall, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a fantastic piece for the price. It’s excellently made and perfect for beginners. A must-buy. You can purchase the flogger HERE for just £14.99.

I received the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger for free, in exchange for my honest review.



Bondage Boutique Intermediate Thick Suede Flogger



I am a huge fan of impact play, mostly receiving, but occasionally giving  when I’m in switch mode, and suede floggers are my all time favourite, especially for warming up! I’m also a huge Bondage Boutique fan, I have many of their products and rate them highly. If you have never purchased any Bondage Boutique products, they’re superb for beginners and intermediate players alike. The prices are very reasonable, this flogger in itself being a bargain £19.99!

I eagerly awaited my delivery and it arrived quickly in discreet packaging. The flogger comes in just a plain, clear packet, easy to rip into and throw in the bin. A small chain holds the Bondage Boutique label on it, which is easily removed..

Once I had the flogger in my hands, I was surprised at how chunky the handle was. It’s by far the chunkiest I own and for me this was a good thing, I can get a good hold on it and with  the handle itself  being suede, it’s easy to keep a firm grip. It’s also rather weighty which I like, this provides the all-important thuddy impact (my favourite), especially for warming up, then I can work my way up to receiving more ‘stingy’ hits from crops and canes.

I love how the black leather and silver studs separate the handle and suede tails. It just adds to the visual appeal. The same is done at the top of the handle, where you find a loop to hang the flogger or keep it securely around your wrist, then display it amongst your kink collection!

The tails are a good length at 15 inches, the suede is thick and sumptuous and have been cut neat and tidy, with no fraying. Due to the thickness of the suede, the flogger will deliver a good thuddy sensation. No sting to this and I can take one heck of a thrashing from it. It can and does make my derriere a little red, but if you like to be marked, you may need to resort to a single tail whip or a crop. After lots of use, I’m pleased that the flogger has stayed in good nick and it’s used fairly frequently and heavily.

This flogger is best used as a warm up if you are  intermediate to experienced. For beginners, I’d recommend gently trailing the flogger up and down the body, using a light swing for a bit of a thwack. The sound is far more intimidating than the thwack itself! It is easy to use by gently swinging in a figure of 8 motion and best used on backs and bottoms as it’s made for a wide surface area, but please be careful not to hit the kidney area, as you can easily bruise them.

Sadly the Bondage Boutique flogger has been discontinued from sale on Lovehoney and I can’t seem to find any other retailers that sell this. However, you can still find similar floggers for sale at Lovehoney.


Bondage Boutique Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel


I am no stranger to Bondage Boutique. I own a multitude of their products, but this is the first pinwheel I have had from them. What I like about Bondage Boutique products, is the affordability and that most items have survived regular use in the dungeon, rather than just the bedroom.

The Bondage Boutique Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel doesn’t come in any fancy packaging, just a simple, clear plastic bag. It would have been a bonus if it came in some kind of storage box. I don’t know about others, but how the heck do you store your pinwheels? I have struggled to find a suitable storage box and satin or velvet bags are a complete no no due to snagging and the spikes getting caught on anything and everything. For the time being, I have safely stored my pinwheel in the durable, lockable storage cases from Lovehoney.

Back to the wheel… This pinwheel is quite a weighty little number, due to the thickness of the handle, and just oozes quality. The wheel itself features 21 evenly spaced sharp pins and can be easily controlled by the ergonomic handle, which has ridges to aid gripping.

I own a few variations of pinwheels, mainly with multiple of rows of pins, but I find that the single pinwheel offers me more sensation, as the power is driven through one wheel rather than several.

I like to use my pin wheel in BDSM scenes. There are many uses, from simply rolling across various body parts, whilst you control the pressure, to popping the wheel in a glass of ice and then used to roll over a freshly spanked or flogged bottom. The added cold sensation, will see you sub squirming and wriggling at your touch!

Stainless steel is body safe and doesn’t rust. You can sterilize the pin wheel after each use, to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned, which I highly recommend if you are using on multiple partners or if you draw blood. I will only use the pinwheel on one person at a time. If you intend on indulging in a bit of blood play, I’d recommend you do so with those that you are fluid bonded with.

This pinwheel is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike, you can easily control how you use it and it doesn’t cause pain if you’re a beginner. It can be rather ticklish when used lightly. For more advanced players, you can have fun with adding a violet wand and a body contact.

A great essential for every bondage kit.

[I received the Boundage Boutique pinwheel free of charge from Lovehoney, in exchange for my honest opinion and review]


DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Vampire Hand Paddle with Studs.


Dominix is an exclusive Lovehoney range of luxury bondage and BDSM gear that is suitable for beginners to the advanced, whether it’s used in the bedroom or a professional dungeon. I take my little collection to a fetish club, where I use my paddles, gags and floggers on my submissive.

When Lovehoney got in touch to ask if I wanted to review a secret bondage item, I could hardly say no! I just had no idea what I was expecting to receive.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got this funky hand paddle. Now I already own Vampire gloves and find them to be great for sensation play and knew immediately this paddle could be used in the same way.

The DOMINIX range is fabulous. I already own several items from the range and the Deluxe Leather Vampire Hand Paddle with Studs is as luxurious as the rest – very well made, perfect stitching and real leather.

This paddle is unlike any other. It fits perfectly on your hand, very much like a knuckle duster. The leather is soft and cushioned for optimum comfort in the palm of your hand. You can turn it round easily to switch textures from the textured Velcro part to the blunt spikes.

At first I was a little perplexed about the Velcro. I wasn’t sure whether it was for attaching another bondage item. I can’t believe I never even thought of adding it to sensation play, along with the spikes and I have heaps of BDSM toys/equipment, and thought I was quite knowledgeable. But this had me stumped! Once I understood how I could incorporate the Velcro into play, I thought it was a simple yet great idea.


I enjoy using the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Vampire Hand Paddle with Studs on large fleshy areas, such as a full booty, thighs or back. You can let your imagination go to town, using different strokes, patterns, or pressings, as light or as hard as you wish, with both sides.

When having a partner use this on me I liked him to start with the Velcro, just to get the nerve endings stimulated, so when the vampire studs were used there was a greater sensation.

If you enjoy heavy impact play it’s nice to wind down being teased with this paddle, so I’d happily recommend this to advanced users. Just be aware that it’s nice and tame and won’t leave any markings or draw blood. Because of this, I’d recommend the paddle for beginners to explore sensation play in the bedroom. Due to the paddle being tame,it is suitable to use on multiple partners that you are not fluid bonded with, just make sure it is cleaned between uses. A sex toy spray is suitable, or warm soapy water and leave to air dry.


I really love this and would like one where the studs were less blunt and more spiky to cause more ouch and markings! The fetish look is great. If you frequent BDSM clubs/dungeons and the like, you’ll be asked about your paddle, that’s for sure.


  • Good for beginners
  • Quality product
  • Great price
  • Suitable for recreational or professional play


[I received the Boundage Boutique pinwheel free of charge from Lovehoney, in exchange for my honest opinion and review]


Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit


If you are curious about introducing some bondage play into your bedroom, then you can’t go wrong with the FSOG beginners bondage kit. With this erotic set, bondage doesn’t have to be about pain, bruising and tears…instead it can be sensual, erotic and romantic, often bringing couples closer together and prolonging foreplay. The sumptuous satin used in this set provides a soft, gentle introduction into BDSM. Enjoy tying, exploring, teasing and spanking, in the comfort of your own home.



The bondage kit comes in a smart, glossy outer box, with the FSOG logo and a picture of the items inside. Inside this is a strong, black storage box, where nestled inside you’ll find the paddle, restraints, and blindfold. I love how gender neutral the packaging is, the black and silver is classy and this is followed through to the bondage kit itself. A refreshing change from toys that are usually aimed at women in pinks or purples. There is also a satin storage pouch which I use for the blindfold and restraints. The paddle does fit inside the pouch, but I like to store it alongside the pouch, inside the box.


I just love how this feels across my face. Double-sided, you can choose whether to use the soft satin side, or the sumptuous faux fur. I always go for the furry side! Now, the elasticated band may be too tight for some, however I have a relatively small head, so didn’t find it too uncomfortable, but it’s impossible for my fella to wear, it dug in so much. On me, the blindfold kept out all the light, yet on my fella it let loads in. It just seemed to fit me better all round. It would have been nice to continue the two tone theme of silver and black, but that’s just us being picky.


A lot longer than I’d expected at 52.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, you can enjoy tying these to anything and everything to keep your sub under control. The metal D-rings keep the restraints secure, which I wasn’t expecting because the satin is so silky. As they are so silky smooth, they are great for beginners as they are non-intimidating, more erotic than evil!

During play, you can restrain both wrists above the head with one restraint and then use two more to tie each leg to the bottom of the bed, whilst using the spare one to drape and tease the body with the sumptuous satin.


I do like this paddle. It is a good size, with the silver side being a slightly padded satin and a faux leather black side. To be honest, I’d have loved it to be real leather. For the full retail price of £50, I expected this and was disappointed that it is faux.

During play, you can control how hard you want to use this. Beginners need to proceed with caution and not be too heavy handed, as it can cause quite a thwack and may leave your sub with a smarting rump!


The quality is really good, but some people may find the blindfold too small.  This is a superb set for beginners, especially couples wanting to add a little extra spice in the bedroom. Value for money is not far off, but I did expect real leather on the paddle. 8/10

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