Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator



If you read my blog, you will notice that I own and have reviewed several models of Satisfyer products  and was super excited to be chosen by Lovehoney to test and review the new Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, unfortunately, by the time I’ve come to place my review here on my blog, I noticed that Lovehoney have got this toy on sale and it is being discontinued. If you are like myself and in the UK, you can still purchase the Pro Plus Vibration HERE alternatively you can purchase across many adult product stores online.


So, what are my thoughts on yet another Satisfyer clitoral model? 

What is different about this new model, is the added vibration, as well as the suction technology. You’ll find 11 pulsations and 10 vibration patterns and can choose to either have the suction on its own or use it together with the vibrations. I can already achieve great orgasms with the suction, do I really need the added bonus of vibrations?  Surprisingly, yes!! The fact that I can use one or the other function, or both together, is a great concept.


In use:

The buttons consist of a power button that lights up with a white glow, a + and – button to increase and decrease the intensity of the speed and a ~ button to apply the vibrations, again, this button lights up too. It took several uses to get used to the button placement, I still struggle to reach the power button whilst it is in place, it is much easier to turn on and off before I place the toy on my clit.

The shape of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator seemed a little odd at first, almost an L shape. Surprisingly, the shape really worked for me. I have quite a large, chunky mons due to me being plus size. The ergonomic handle rested nicely on my mons and when the vibration was added, the vibrations penetrated through, giving added stimulation.


The long nozzle of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator was perfect for my anatomy, with the nozzle being able to spread my labia and keep them parted, meaning I have full access to my vulva and clitoris. The way I like to use my Satisfyers is to hold them on my clit and then rub the nozzle so I have stimulation around my clit. I’m not one for pinpoint stim or contactless stim, I need broad stimulation, which I can get from this toy.


I found the noise of the motor to be satisfactory, not too loud when in suction mode, although when you add the vibration, the noise does increase. Luckily I live alone, so I’m happy to have anything loud.

So, how does it feel I use? 

For me, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator starts off on a gentle slow speed when just using the suction. I have to build up slowly to my orgasms, I can’t just go in there on a high speed. I tease my vulva on the first couple of settings, with the rubbing at the same time, I can achieve an orgasm in 2-5 minutes, depending how aroused I am.

IMG_20180304_205718  IMG_20180304_205932

At first, I thought the vibrations were on the buzzy side when held in my hand, but as soon as you put the Satisfyer on your clit, the vibrations feel a little more rumbly, although not the whole body penetration rumble. Adding the vibration with the suction, oh my, I can really climax a lot sooner and the orgasms are far more intense, my body writhes with tingles and pleasure. My hips grind into the Satisfyer, while I give a deep, slow moan. It truly is satisfying.

I now have a new favourite Satisfyer, well, along with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation It really is suitable for my body shape. You get to increase and decrease the patterns, which isn’t possible on other models. It is easy to charge, the nozzle can be removed for a good clean and if you love to play in the shower or bathtub, the Satisfyer is fully waterproof.

IMG_20180304_205629    IMG_20180304_210002


I’ve never had any issues with the Satisfyer brand, my toys have always been spot on, working well and quite often on a daily basis. I haven’t been overly keen on the Satisfyer Pro 2 overtime and rarely use it due to the noise/rattle and even though I love power, I find that it’s too intense and other Satisfyers are much gentler to start with, a sort of flutter, which is a good build up to higher speeds.

I’d recommend this to those who already enjoy the Satisfyer brand, those that like suction and vibrations and those with a similar large mons and labia like myself. Overall, I find the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator to be very pleasurable and now my go-to toy for fantastic intense, body shaking orgasms.

Thanks to Lovehoney who provided this product to review in exchange of my honest opinion.





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