So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ Massaging Wand


The So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ Massaging Wand is so different from the various wands I own, being that it is a dual motor vibrator and wand! It is perfect for couple’s play with a partner in charge, to tease you with both ends. Double the fun with one end to ease aching muscles and tease your erogenous zones, or use the opposite end for thrilling internal pleasures.

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Its packaging is great. The box is very sturdy, tastefully designed and could be used for continuous storage if the wand on the box isn’t a discretion issue. Inside, I found a storage bag hiding underneath the interior packaging. Hooray for storage bag. This is a huge plus for me. The bag is suede and a smart tile grey colour and is fantastic quality compared to the usual satin bags I buy. Would love to purchase these suede bags on their own. Perhaps an idea So Divine?


Onto the wand……A flexible head on one end, contours to the shape of your body. The premium, silky, smooth silicone feels great all over. It’s luxurious and high end, tough and durable. There are no phthalates and it’s latex free, so completely body safe. The silicone isn’t too grabby, it attracts only a bit of dust and lint, but thankfully not the cat hairs!


To operate, there are 3 buttons. In the middle, you’ll find the on/off button which you hold down until the blue light appears. To operate the wand, press the up arrow ^ and continue to press to scroll through the 3 speeds and 7 patterns. Press the middle button to stop, hold until the blue light reappears and repeat with the down arrow for the motor to start with the insertable end.


You’ll find that the So Divine ‘wicked game’ massaging wand boasts 3 steady vibration speeds and 7 pulsating vibrations. The motors are quiet, so great if you need discretion. The wand is 100% waterproof if you like to indulge in playing in the shower or bath tub. Charging is by a good magnetic cable that attaches at the back of the wand and comes with a USB cable and UK plug.

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I find that both motors are on the ‘buzzy’ size, which for me is a disappointment as I prefer deep, rumbly vibrations. I do like the first speed on the top of the wand, but the other 2 speeds and the vibrations are too high pitched with the vibrations being the itchy, annoying type that my clitoris can’t cope with. Inside my vagina, the vibrations are dulled slightly, but sadly I’m unable to orgasm. However, turning off the wand and using it as a dildo, is most satisfying for me, although not the ‘oh my god!’ body shuddering type. It’s easy for me to hold due to the curve of the wand and using the head to keep a good grip in my hands.

The buttons are simple and flushed against the shaft of the wand and easy to use during play, but occasionally I press the wrong button, but that is because I’m practically using it blind as my buxom boobs and large tummy block my view.


The wand is great to use for teasing my partner, he doesn’t mind the buzzy vibrations, I like to use the So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ massaging wand to massage his shoulders, then tease various parts of his body, especially his thighs. Unfortunately, I prefer to use my Doxy’s.

Clean up is easy, with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner, or give it a swirl in the sink with soap. Just take extra care to clean around the head and the small grooves of the buttons.


I think that the So Divine wand is more suitable for beginners whom have yet to try a magic wand and those who appreciate the buzzy vibrations. I’m happy to use the wand my partners and as a Gspot dildo on myself.

You can purchase your So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ massaging wand HERE


I was sent the wand by So Divine, in exchange of an unbiased, honest review. This in no way affects my honest opinion.

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