Satisfyer Pro Penguin



The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is the one Satisfyer product that really appealed to me, due to the style with its curves and smooth silicone material. It has the cute factor with the resemblance of a chubby penguin. Overall, it is very pleasing to the eye.

I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with the Penguin after using the Satisfyer 2 for a few weeks. I loved the length of the handle, it made using the Satisfyer 2 very easy to use. The Penguin is entirely a different shape, however its sleek, ergonomic curves felt comfortable in my hands. The two buttons (power on/of and speed control button) are well placed, unlike the Satisfyer 2 where the buttons were out of reach at the nozzle end. The huge downside to the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is the lack of a third button to scroll back the settings. If the speed becomes too intense, you have to power off, then back on again. Bit of a mood killer unfortunately.

The motor on the Satisfyer Pro Penguin  is rather quiet, compared to the Satisfyer 2 that sounds like it’s powered by a jet engine. Some of you may find that the Penguin is not quite discreet enough. The motor doesn’t rattle, the Penguin overall is much better quality. Considering the Penguin is USB rechargeable, I thought there’d be more power to it compared to the battery powered Satisfyer 2. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I can barely get to the 3rd setting on the Satisfyer 2, yet with the Penguin, I can easily reach over 6, after that, it becomes too intense and the rest of the speeds seem to just merge together.

Charging is easy, I just plug into my laptop and click the magnets onto my Penguin and it will flash whilst being charged. When fully charged, the light will stop flashing and remain steady, which is really useful as you know when to unplug it.


So how was it in use? It took me a while to position the Penguin but only because I have a small clit that is buried by my chunky outer labia. Also, the nozzle is smaller and with less silicone. It too a bit of patience trying to get it right. I didn’t feel that there was a suction as such, but on the first couple of settings felt like a gentle blow/tapping. With the Satisfyer 2 I felt like I was thrown into the deep end with such intense speeds on the first setting. With the Penguin it was more gentle, teasing and arousing. It gave all my other senses a chance to slowly build up to a climax. Due to this, I could up the speed a little further and when I climaxed, I felt wave after wave of orgasm going all through my body and one orgasm lead to another. I’ve not experienced multiple orgasms for a while, but the Satisfyer Pro Penguin had cracked it.


I haven’t used my Penguin in the water, although Satisfyer say that it is waterproof, some other bloggers have reported issues of water getting into the battery compartments or motors. I’m quite fond of my Penguin, so I’ve chosen to keep it dry.

When cleaning, you can easily remove the silicone nozzle and clean with a sex toy cleaner. It would have been great if the Penguin came with a spare nozzle, I’m not sure how long they last or if they need to be replaced.


Overall, I love my little Satisfyer Pro Penguin it gives me unique orgasms thanks to the gentle settings that you can slowly increase without it getting too intense. The control buttons are better placed than the Satisfyer 2 and the quality wins hands down. The only negative I can find, is the lack of a button to scroll backwards the speeds.


Thank you to Satisfyer who sent me the Pro Penguin, in return for my honest and unbiased review.

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