Satisfyer Pro 2



The Satisfyer Pro 2 stormed the sex toy market in 2016. The Womanizer became very  popular the year before, but was way out of the price range for most people. Satisfyer came along with the same idea as the Womanizer, but making the Pro 2 more affordable, waterproof, a better design in colour and shape and a better name.

My first impressions of the Pro 2 was woah, that’s a chunky silicone nozzle compared to the Satisfyer 2 and Penguin. I was a little concerned on how the nozzle would fit around my hidden clitoris. As a plus size lady, I have a rather chunky mons pubis and my inner labia are a bit on the thick side, so trying to find my hidden pearl can be quite a task; however, I enjoy more of a broad stimulation, rather than pin point.


I love the rose gold colour, the curvy ergonomic shape and the weight of the Pro 2, although heavier than the Penguin and Satisfyer 2, it was comfortable to hold for a good amount of time, even with my arthritic wrists.

Click-and-go charging is fabulous, you get a great strong connection. A 2 hour charge offers 3 hours of play. The handy USB charging lead means you can take your Satisfyer anywhere. I often have one of the Satisfyers on charge whilst on my laptop.


Satisfyer claim that their toys are waterproof, however, several bloggers have reported water damage, so I haven’t put mine in water at all and I advise you don’t either. To clean, I use a sex toy cleaner and wipes, or with a damp cloth. Silicone nozzle can be removed and cleaned thoroughly.

The motor is loud. Even under the duvet and with the TV on you can still hear it. After the first 4 speeds, the other 7 just seem to merge into one. It’s very intense, it becomes so high pitched and unbearable, almost painful. Sadly there is only a power on/off button and just one button to increase the speed, but you have to reach top speed before the motor works backwards. Or you could just switch it off and back on again, it’s much easier and saves me from getting a numb clit at top speed *shudders*.


When in use, I find the huge silicone nozzle, difficult to get a good suction, probably due to my fatty flaps and mons. My urethra tends to get suck up into the nozzle and it makes me want to pee soooo badly. I can’t feel no suction around my clit, but I know the Pro 2 is working when I test it on my finger. One thinks she may need to get a clit or pussy pump to coax my pearl from within her oyster.


Oddly, I haven’t had an orgasm using this model, not one for trying though. I have had some amazing orgasms with the Penguin and Satisfyer 2 but I think it’s just not right for my body. *Update: After a few weeks of daily use, my clit has finally got used to the power and I can now orgasm. Only issue is, this is now the only thing that can get me off. Think I need a couple of weeks break from it!*

Overall, I love the Pro 2, it looks great, it’s comfortable to hold, but the nozzle is far too big for my genitals. The Penguin works so much better for me and my elusive clitoris. I’d love to see replacement nozzles for all Satisfyers, a minus button to decrease speeds as on the Satisfyer 2 and to ensure that all models are truly waterproof.

I wouldn’t really recommend the Pro 2 for beginners, you may find it too intense. The Penguin would be much better suited as it lacks the power of this beast. If you’re a power seeker, then this model would be well suited for you.

Many thanks to SATISFYER for sending me the Pro 2 in exchange for my honest opinion.

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