Satisfyer 2


I’m pretty new to the ‘suction’ clit stimulation toys that burst onto the sex toy market pretty rapidly with the womanizer in 2015. They were well out of my price range and I hadn’t been lucky enough to test the womanizer , either. Then in 2016, Satisfyer launched a very similar toy, the Satysfer Pro 2, at a fraction of the cost. I did purchase a Pro 2, but didn’t get the chance to give it a thorough testing as I left it at a festival. However, I got the opportunity to give 3 Satisfyer models a good test run, in exchange of an honest review.

Out of the 3 Satisfyer’s sent, the Satisfyer 2 was the first to get testing. When I first took it from the box, I was a little disappointed by the quality. It looked and felt really cheap, ‘boxy’ and the fact it was battery operated, didn’t have me enthused. The gender-neutral colour is a bonus and the large nozzle is great for a good covering of my clit that is hidden away under my very chunky outer labia. As someone who enjoys stimulation on her inner labia and vulva, the large nozzle comes in handy for broader stimulation.


Over several days, I really became quite fond of the Satisfyer 2. I love the 7 inch long handle, it’s ideal for me as my tummy is my nemesis and cant get in the way of my arms,although it is not as ergonomic as the Penguin or Pro 2.One mega issue though…..the buttons are totally in the wrong place. Why the heck are they at the nozzle end? Granted there is a power button and a + to increase speeds and to decrease, but damn, my fingers aren’t long enough to reach them.  I have to remove the Satisfyer to see what buttons I need to press. Doing this is like orgasm denial….wanting to ramp up the speed, but having to take it away and then faff about replacing the Satisfyer in between my chunky labia. It’s just a faff. Luckily, I mostly only need to use the first two or three speeds.

The motor is pretty strong for something that needs powering with 2 AAA batteries. It is loud and rattles somewhat, so if you house share, you will need to consider this factor. Oddly, Satisfyer claim on their website that the motor is whisper quiet, but believe me, it’s not! There is no way I can get to full power, of the 11  programmes, I only use the first three, it becomes way too intense and gives me an urge to pee and it send my clit numb!

I can’t quite describe the sensation I get off any of the Satisfyer models. It does have a slight suction feeling, perhaps rapid ‘thuddy’ sort of vibrations? I can’t put it into words. I know that the highest settings feel way too high pitched and buzzy, that make me squirm in the wrong way, to the point that it hurts, even if I place the nozzle on my vulva instead of my clitoris. It has taken a few weeks to get used to this sort of stimulation, I discovered that the Satisfyer 2 is best used when I’m really horny. On a low setting and very aroused, this is the best time for me to use it. When I climax, my orgasm thunders through my body whilst i scream into a pillow. I’m left spent, with jelly legs, which is no fun when trying to get to the bathroom!

I must mention that a few bloggers have had issues with their Satisfyer models not being waterproof, therefore I haven’t put mine in water. I remove the silicone nozzle and give it a thorough wash, but I use a sex toy cleaner and wipes to clean the rest of the toy. Just make sure the battery compartment is sealed shut if you’re a squirter and don’t use in the bath tub or shower.


Overall, the Satisfyer 2 worked for me due to the long handle. It has a good, strong motor, but the buttons are in the wrong place. It’s loud, really loud, it reminds me of a Chinook or something. The sound does dull a little when the nozzle is nestled inbetween my chunky outer labia.The large nozzle may not suit everybody.  Satisfyer are more affordable than Womanizer, but sadly I can’t compare. A spare, replacement nozzle wouldn’t go amiss, and perhaps a storage pouch.

If you are looking to try something new, that is different from regular vibrators, it’s worth trying the Satisfyer 2


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