tokidoki x Lovehoney Flash Textured Pleasure Cup.


tokidoki Flash Pleasure Cup

The tokidoki Flash Pleasure Cup is a relatively new brand, part of the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection. This collection took me a while to appreciate tokidoki design on the sex toys as I did think it was a rather youthful design and mostly aimed at somewhere between the ages of 18-21, but  the positive reactions on forums and Twitter, led me to accept and adore the Japanese style. Thing was, what would my fella think?

My partner is 67 and didn’t care too much for the outer plastic packaging that peels off, but did say that if he was to browse for this type of masturbator, he’d totally disregard buying the tokidoki pleasure cup as it ‘looks like something for younger generations.’ He does, however, like the black case, which he commented on looking like a billiard ball, that is perfect for popping in your hand luggage if you work away a lot, especially spending evenings on your own in hotels, which he did often before semi-retiring.


I’ve bought TENGA eggs for my partner on several occasions, so when Lovehoney launched the tokidoki range of pleasure cups I was eager to see how they compared. I love this style of masturbator as they are easy to incorporate during foreplay, much as a bullet. The  Flash tokidoki pleasure cup, doesn’t take up too much room, like a bulky fleshlight would.

The tokidoki Textured Pleasure Cup Flash is made of a stretchy TPE with funky lightening bolts as the texture, which is for stimulating the shaft and head of the penis. One thing we did notice though, was the absence of a little sachet of lube like you can get with the TENGA eggs. Luckily we have plenty, but my partner said that if he was to work away, last thing he’d want, was to be carrying bottles of lube…..*makes note of stocking up on lube sachets for him!*


In use, I enjoy stroking the tokidoki Flash Textured Pleasure Cup up and down the shaft of my partners cock. I like to add the odd twist at the same time, just to make sure he can feel the texture. His manhood is of average size in length and girth and there was plenty of stretch to it and pretty durable if you are gentle with it. I’ve even popped his testicles into the pleasure cup to give stimulation in a different way, but we ended up writhing on the bed full of laughter, rather than sex.

If you take care of the pleasure cup, you can use it several times. I’d recommend washing with warm soapy water and air drying it, inside out, then when dry, pop a little renewer powder on it and store it in the case.


Our main overall thoughts are that we love the tokidoki Textured Pleasure Cup Flash, great to use them solo or with your partner. If you’re a total beginner to any sex toys, I’d highly recommend you start with one of these. They’re non-intimidating and discreet. Please don’t overlook this range if you think you’re too old. The plastic wrapper isn’t left on, so you’re pretty much left with an anonymous masturbator.

We’d like to try more from the pleasure cup range. We bought the tokidoki Flash in the sale at £6 and found that to be a reasonable price and so we’ll keep an eye out for any more offers. It’s usual price is £9.99 and you can buy from Lovehoney HERE

Is the tokidoki Textured Pleasure Cup flash a saviour of the toy universe? Will it help you to find the golden grail? Well with my partner, very much so!

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