DOXY Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator


DOXY Die Cast

When the Lovehoney squirrel commander sent me an email to say I had been chosen to review the DOXY Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator I was thrilled beyond belief. I already owned the original Doxy wand in pink and although I loved it, I wished it had a silicone head instead of the squishy PVC, as did most of my fellow reviewers/bloggers. Doxy had listened and delivered!

As the Doxy die cast was a tester, I didn’t receive the full box that it would usually come in, nor did I receive a storage case. However, Lovehoney do sell the purple or silver Doxy Die Cast with the storage case. Luckily I was given a case for mine. Lovehoney had shipped my Doxy in their usual, discreet packaging (that the cat always immediately occupies), so no embarrassment when the postie come knocking.


DOXY Die Cast


DOXY storage case


First impressions:

A fantastic piece of British design and engineering. Compared to the DOXY original, the die cast looks like it’s come straight from an expensive car showroom. Its smart, black metallic paint has a bit of sparkle, which reminds me of a clear, starry night. The glitter effect is subtle and not too blingy. Very luxurious. The wand feels great in my hands, cold at first, but soon warms to your body temperature. It’s surprisingly not too bulky and as someone with severe rheumatoid arthritis in my wrists, the DOXY Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand is comfortable to hold for some time. It has a lot of weight to it at 830g, but the handle is the same size as the original DOXY.


DOXY Die Cast

The DOXY Die Cast extra powerful massage wand vibrator is mains powered and available in UK, EU and US plugs. 3 large, rubber LED lights, power button and a + and – button for speeds and pulse mode. To activate the pulse mode, press the power button and the plus button twice.

It is capable of 3,000 and 9,000 RPM, great for those who seek ultra powerful vibrations.

In Use:

I love, love, love the silicone head. It’s made from medical-grade silicone and totally seam free, hoorah! This means it’s body-safe, compared to the PVC of the  DOXY original. You can allow your body fluids to flow, knowing that any bacteria left behind won’t be able to hide in any pores of the silicone. I’ve noticed that the head isn’t that flexible at all, especially if you compare to other wands on the market (my previous go-to wand was the Lovehoney Deluxe, which has a rather flexible ‘neck’). You can add standard wand attachments for added pleasure.

I tried the DOXY Die Cast solo first of all. With its long power lead, there was plenty spare for different maneuvers on my bed. I prefer to lay on top of the DOXY and grind on top, so I set the wand to my preferred speed and grind away. This will get me off in a couple of minutes. Yee-haa! and on most occasions I can have multiple orgasms, til I’m totally spent. I do find that the vibrations are more rumblier this way.



On the rare occasion I lie back and use the DOXY, the firm silicone does dull the vibrations somewhat, compare to the original DOXY, so this takes longer for me to climax. I tend to use it on a medium speed, too high and my clit goes numb. I do enjoy the head as I prefer a wider range of sensations, rather than pin point stimulation. I adore the vibrations on and around my vulva. The LED lights on the buttons are ideal if you’re using it at night, but due to my plus size tummy, I can’t see in between ones legs, so I just blindly feel for the buttons and if I’m increasing the power, I often accidentally press the power button. Luckily for me, the DOXY has a memory mode, so when you switch on, the vibrations you were currently using, kick into life.

When I use the wand with a partner, there is nothing better than teasing and orgasm denial. Tie me up and use the DOXY to massage my inner thighs then use varying pressure on my labia, vulva and clit, is glorious torture! Tease me til I’m on the edge of orgasm, then withdraw the DOXY is just sweet denial. I love it!

I’m known to attend the odd fetish event in the North West and to take my DOXY in its smart case, it looks the part amongst the fetish equipment and myself wearing PVC. This is where the long power lead comes into its own, the length is great for using on a St Andrews cross, top to toe.

You’ll find that the DOXY Die Cast is on the loud side regarding noise levels, as with all mains powered wands. I can’t use it if anyone is in the house, even if used under a duvet, the next room will certainly hear it. If you require discretion, you’re better off with a smaller battery powered wand.

I find the lower speeds of vibrations to be particularly rumbly which is my preference when wanting to climax. The higher speeds are on the buzzier side, unless I grind on the wand. Too high and my clit goes numb, with an overwhelming urge to pee. This may be different to you if you’re a power Queen.


GSpot attachment

Adding an attachment brings a whole new lot of fun. There are several different types available, see Here. I will be adding reviews of some of the wand attachments I have. The Gspot, rabbit and suction cup attachments are a firm favourite. The vibrations travel very well through any attachment, but of course it may be different for your needs, we’re all different after all!


Rabbit attachment

The DOXY also works great as a body massager, I particularly love it on my shoulders, the more pressure you apply, the deeper the rumbles. Try avoid using oils or silicone lube as these will interact with the silicone head.


Multipurpose suction cup attachment with butt plug


My thoughts:

You may find the DOXY die cast a little on the pricey side, but believe me, it sure is a worthy investment for a great piece of British engineering and superior orgasm provider. You get a 12 month guarantee and a wand that is built to last. It screams luxury, is very versatile, easy to use and the vibrations are uber powerful on the highest setting.

I’d recommend that you use a good quality water based lubricant for a slick feeling on your body or genitalia. Clean with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner. Remember to keep your DOXY away from water. Store in the case provided, to keep it clean and safe (the silicone head does attract some dust, lint and hairs!).

So, who would I recommend this to? Power seekers, BDSM kinksters, those looking to upgrade their previous mains powered wand, or those upgrading from a battery powered or rechargeable wand. If you’re a beginner with sex toys, or prefer quiet, gentle vibrations, I’d recommend you start with a small battery powered wand.

Overall, Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand is most definitely the best, most powerful and visually appealing wand I have tried and owned. I’d give it a generous:


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I received this product from Lovehoney in exchange of my honest opinion and review. This does not affect my opinions in any way, shape or form. There are no affiliate links in my post.