Adrien Lastic 2X-Double Vibrator


I was thrilled to be contacted by the team at Adrien Lastic to see if I was interested in reviewing a product of my choice. Having such a huge collection of various sex toys, I wanted something a bit different and the 2X-Double Vibrator seemed to be just that.

As a Pansexual, polyamorous female, I would be able to give the 2X a thorough testing with both a male partner and female partner.

The Packaging:

The 2X-double vibrator is presented in a modern, yet simple cardboard box with a removable sleeve. This sleeve has an explanation of the 2X in 7 different languages. You will also find four images on the side, showing how the 2X can be used. I also like the mini pictures and words that add a fun touch. Removing the cardboard sleeve, reveals the two ends of the vibrators and the extra beaded attachment in a vivid pink box. It seems to be mainly aimed to the female market with the pink box and purple vibes.


Inside the box is the 2X, a satin storage pouch, remote control, a USB charger and small information leaflet which is basically the same as what is written on the box.

The Product:

The first thing I like to do with new silicone toys, is have a fondle with it and the 2X is one of those that I can’t put down. The soft, smooth silicone is rather high end, it feels great on your skin. I love exploring the curves and bumps of the vibrators. I can have them out for hours and there is no lint, dust or cat hairs in site of it, which is a huge bonus…..aint got no patience to keep rinsing toys under the tap, or spraying sex toy cleaner every couple of minuets before play!

IMG_5671    IMG_5670

The colour is very much on the girly side, being purple. It seems very much aimed at lesbian couples more than heterosexual couples. Doubt that many guys would be fussed about the colours, but a blue or black option would be good.

Okay, so the toy is two vibrators connected by an 11 inch flexible cable. The cable doesn’t have any stretch to it, it pulls taut, so the idea is to be as close to your partner as possible. The two vibrators are clearly different. The biggest one has some subtle bumps all over it. It has a tapered head, for easy insertion, it gets slightly wider, before getting narrower. Here you’ll find the power button which is the Adrien Lastic ‘A’. Beneath this is the charging port.


The second vibrator is 3 solid beads, the smallest making it easier for insertion. The base reminds me of a large,  mediterranean  plant pot with its design. You can add various attachments to this vibrator, there are P/G-Spot sheaths, vaginal patterned sheaths and the beaded one. I got the beaded one with mine, which I first thought could be added to the bigger vibrator, but it only fits over the existing beads which are exactly the same. You may need to use water based lube to fit the attachments.


The remote control is a niffty little thing, shaped like a thin pebble, It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. It comes with a LR32 disc battery. I needed to use a coin to open the battery cover, just a simple twist and it comes off. Pop the battery inside, replace the cover with the help of the coin and Bobs your Uncle. There are three simple buttons on the remote, a power button to turn on/off and a  + button to scroll through the 10 vibration modes and a – button to scroll back through the patterns.  It lights up the numbers 0-9 and as you increase the modes, the panel will spell out ‘Exploring Senses.’

IMG_5683  IMG_5694


To get the power going, you need to press the ‘A’ button on the textured vibrator, just above the discreet charging port. Hold the button for a couple of seconds and the vibes will rumble into action. Turn on your remote control and discover the various vibrations and patterns.


I found the vibrations to be moderately rumbly, which for me is great as I find buzzy vibrations annoying and unsatisfying. There are 3 speeds and 7 patterns. I think the motors could have had a couple of other speeds and had a more deeper rumble. The motors are pretty quiet, you’d probably get away with playing under a duvet if you house share.

In use, I havebeen able to experiment with the 2X-Double Vibrator solo and with 2 partners, male and female.


I have found the vibrators to be a perfect size for my annatomy, I can use both vibrators at the same time, anally and vaginally. With plenty water based lube, I like to insert the beaded end inside my derriere. The vibrations on this vibe are based at the bottom, the vibrations don’t travel too well to the top bead. I find that because of where the motor is placed, the vibrations become tickly around my anus and then quite annoying. The slightly larger vibe has more power to it, it’s more rumbly and feels great on my clit or inserted into my vagina. It takes longer to climax with this vibe, although it feels good, I’m impatient and like to orgasm quite quickly, so in the end I had to add my Tango to liven things up a little.

Female Partner:

You can use the 2X in a couple of different ways, all you need is imagination. We started off using the vibes to stimulate our clits, nipples and trace along each others bodies to tease. When it came to inserting the vibes, we both went with vaginally first. We had a giggle trying to find a good position, we discovered that the cord was not long enough for our liking. Our position ended in a scissor style, as we grinded together. It was fun going through the differnt patterns but again the Tango had to come into play. We decided not to try any other positions, a longer cord was needed to be a little more adventureous. More power was much needed, especially equal power, there was always one of us with less power on the beaded vibe, so lots of swapping vibes going on.


Male Partner:

My experience was pretty much the same as above. We couldn’t find a suitable position, but my partner loved the sensation of the various pattern that were rumbling in his butt! We found it more exciting to tease each other with the vibes as foreplay. He would trace the beaded vibe around my clit whilst inerting the other into my vagina. I’m a sucker for him being in control of the remote and vibrations. Perfect for a warm up before sex.

The Attachment:


I found no real use for the attachment with it being the same as the beaded vibe. It wouldn’t fit on the textured vibe, so it was rather pointless. However, you can buy extra attachments as I stated earlier.

Charging and maintenence:

USB rechargable, there is a tiny hole under the ‘A’ power button. The vibe will light up red around the charging port and I’ll charge it for a couple of hours and get about 40 minutes play. Had the battery in the remote for a few weeks and it’s still working fine.


The 2X is only Splash Proof, so please be careful when cleaning. You can’t dunk it in water, I use a good sex toy cleaner with wipes or a damp cloth. Store in its satin bag, with the remote, attachment and charging cable,to keep it clean and dust free.

Overall Summary:

I think the 2X-Double Vibrator is a great concept, it feels luxurious with the soft silicone. The remote control is my favourite thing about it, all my toys should come with something so ergonomic and easy to use. I liked the rumbles of the patterns, but would love them to be deeper and stronger. The motors need to be equal too, so that both partners could experience the same, without one having to lose out on power. A longer cord would have worked better for me, too.

If you have lots of imagination, have a flexible body and enjoy prolonged foreplay, the 2X would be ideal for you. A couple who are new to exploring sex toys together, who like mid-range  vibrations would be most suited to this sex toy.

You can buy the 2X here Adrien Lastic

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