L’Amourose Denia


I had often admired the L’amourose Denia, the intuitive design piqued my interest, mainly because I need dual stim to climax and only had one sex toy I was using to successfully make me orgasm (Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2).

The packaging is what you would expect with a luxury brand and is on par with Lelo. The outer box is smart, classy and female-friendly. Inside you’ll find a black matte storage box and velvet storage pouch. I do use both, but the pouch is a magnet for lint, dust and cat hairs and the top never stays securely on the box, but these are just minor niggles.



Although I’ve owned the Denia for several months, I have struggled to write a review, mainly due to sometimes it works, but most often it doesn’t. It has taken many a session to realise that I have to be exceptionally horny to enjoy what the Denia has to offer and on the rare occasion I have the super horn, I can enjoy multiple orgasms, to the point that my body becomes almost paralysed.

I adore the curve of the main shaft, the bulbous head that just seems to nestle against my G-spot perfectly. The clit arm can take some positioning, but I have fat girl problems! I’m what most people would call obese, I prefer voluptuous! Joking aside, due to having meaty outer labia and a mound that would give any hills in the Lake district a run for their money,  I need patience to get the right spot, but once I have it, I’m good to go. The ‘Flex and shift’ technology does help, but it’s no super duper, uber technology, in simple terms, the main shaft and clit arm is a little more manoeuvrable.

The clit arm can feel a bit stiff and jabby, which can put me off, taking longer to orgasm, or not at all, but if my nerve endings are alive, the slightest touch and I’m riding waves of orgasms, I’ve discovered that it really depends on how aroused I am.


The L’amourose Denia boasts 2 motors to power the 9 powerful modes and 12 speeds of vibration. I do feel that the clit arm could be a tad more powerful. The vibrations are wonderfully deep and rumbly and the more you clench your muscles, the deeper the vibrations pulse through your body. I like to ramp it up to full speed and then insert into my lubricated vadge.

Now those buttons….they can be a nightmare, my thick thighs are just too ‘in the way’ and fat fingers make the buttons feel too close together. Slimmer ladies won’t have as much difficulty as I do, other than you may have difficulties distinguishing one button to the next, as they are under the silicone and not hugely raised. For the price of the Denia, a remote control would have been seriously beneficial. Currently I need to remove the vibe if I want to successfully change patterns and speeds, otherwise it’s like playing blind mans buff. Even having a partner try and use the almost hidden buttons is a nighmare, as he accidentally switches it off whilst trying to scroll through the patterns!! There are 3 buttons….minus, coffee bean and plus. Press the plus to start, then increase in speed, minus to decrees speed and stop and the coffee bean to switch patterns.



Charging is relatively simple, the charging cradle plugs into a mains socket (it comes with a UK plug, just pop the Denia into the smart ‘cut diamond’ cradle and leave to charge for 3-4 hours. The charge has lasted an hour on full speed, but the vibrations do decrease in strength as it begins to run low on charge.

During use, I prefer to keep the Denia pretty much locked inside me, no thrusting, but gently rock it back and forth with my hand and wriggle my hips in a circle motion, whilst lay on my back. Sat on a stool in the shower is an alternative way to climax too.


My favourite points of the L’amourose Denia include:

  • The sumptuous silicone. It’s very luxurious, not too draggy and doesn’t collect too much lint.
  • Intuitive design
  • Whisper quiet motors, perfect if you house share and need to be discreet.
  •  When I’m really horny, the Denia can provide a quick succession of multiple orgasms.
  • Waterproof, ideal for intimate play in the shower or bath.
  • Easy to keep in your vagina.
  • Easy to clean.

My least favourite points include:

  • The buttons. A remote control would have been so much easier.
  •  The price, if it had a remote, it would have been more reasonable.
  •  The clit arm can sometimes be uncomfortable/jabby.

I’d give the Denia an overall 7/10

I was lucky enough to purchase the L’Amourose Denia whilst in a special, one off sale from Lovehoney for £89.99. It usually retails at £139.99 on Lovehoney and £147 on the L’Amourose site.

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