So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator


So Divine were ever so kind as to send a bundle of goodies to review, which included the So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator. Bullets tend to be a firm favourite for any sex toy enthusiast, especially for beginners or solo quickies. For me, I’ve never been much a fan of bullet vibes as they tend to be for pin – point stimulation, where I prefer a more broader stimulation and this is why I have come to love the So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator as it is slightly bigger and broader than your usual bullet such as the So Divine Need you tonight bullet.

20170605_045638_resized    20170605_045714_resized

The So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator is very femme with its pink silicone sleeve that has cute hearts and bumpy nodules for extra stimulation. You can remove this sleeve to reveal a black, sleek bullet made from ABS plastic. It measures up at 3.7 inches in length, with a girth of 3 inches. With the one power button, you can scroll through 3 speeds and a generous 7 pulsating patterns. Press and hold the button to stop the bullet.


Powered by just one AA battery, the So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator is super buzzy, not the type of vibrations I like. The soft, silicone sleeve helps to dull most of the buzz, so for me, I need to keep the sleeve on. I prefer to use the different pulsating patterns. The vibrations are pretty quiet on the whole, perfect for discreet play if you house share.


So, how is it in use? Well, for solo play, it’s a great warm up toy. Whilst the 3 speeds are too buzzy for me, I like to tease my labia, vulva and clit with the various patterns. As it is slightly bigger than normal bullets and has the silicone sleeve, it’s easy to hold and use. I love the textures of the nubs and ridges, they certainly heighten the pleasure, especially round my vulva. I can penetrate the bullet inside my vagina, just to tease. This would be great for beginners that are exploring into slight penetration with a sex toy.

Playing with the So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator with a partner is more pleasurable for me. The bullet, added with the touch and kisses of another woman, teasing various sweet spots, is far more thrilling. Add a blindfold and the sensations are very much heightened. I love my inner thighs, neck and derriere to be teased, making me moist and very turned on, before moving on to another sex toy.


Overall, I really like the So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator. It’s pretty well made, though the silver battery compartment lets it down a little. The 3 speeds are never used, but the pulsating patterns really do it for me. The silicone isn’t a dust and cat hair magnet, which is awesome. I store mine in my Joy Boxx, as sadly it doesn’t come with a storage bag, but for the price, I don’t mind. The bullet is easy to clean, but the silicone sleeve will need a thorough cleaning, vag gunk will hide in the ridges! It is not fully waterproof, so I wouldn’t recommend you submersing it fully in water.

If you are a beginner with sex toys, I thoroughly recommend the So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator. It’s petite, powerful, discreet and stimulating…..great to explore your body with.

You can purchase the So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator at So Divine HERE


The So Divine Je T’aime Silky Touch Vibrator was sent to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions.

So Divine Need you tonight bullet



I have to admit that I hadn’t been familiar with So Divine *hangs head in shame*, but luckily for me, they got in touch with me and asked if I would test some of there products. I jumped at the chance after doing a bit of research and saw a refreshing and user friendly website. So Divine are all about high quality sex toys for everybody, regardless of relationship status or gender. They also bring their toys to you in everyday stores, popping into Boots the chemist or browsing the aisles in the supermarket could become a little more exciting!


So, the Need you tonight bullet comes in a classy little box that is gender-neutral and would look pretty discreet on a supermarket shelf, though it is clear that it is a vibrating bullet. I love the little window on the back of the box that you can peer into.  The box is pretty robust, so you could continue to store it in there, but the bullet is so discreet, it wouldn’t look out of place in your make-up bag or handbag.

My first impressions of the bullet was positive. The silky, silver silicone feels luxurious and the black power button and seal, set it off nicely. As with the packaging, it is classy and gender-neutral, so much better than girly pinks and purples, especially when a bullet can be used by all genders.


The bullet has a single speed, powered by three AG13 batteries, which luckily  come with the bullet. These little watch batteries are not what I’d have in the house, so having the batteries included is a bonus. One button on the base of the battery is your power on/off. Once pressed, the bullet comes to life with a buzzy, but powerful vibration. I’m not to keen on these type of bullets, I’ve come a long way since using a buzzy bullet, but if you are new to sex toys, Need you tonight would be perfect for you.


Although this bullet isn’t to my taste anymore, I’ve still had fun using it with my partner. I’ve tried a few scenarios with him and the bullet. I’ve used it in foreplay, teasing his nipples, frenulum, and perineum. The tip of the bullet is great for pin-point stimulation.

We have also discovered that the Need you tonight bullet is great for popping into one of our favourite cock rings and in some of his male masturbators. The materials of the added toys, dampen down the buzzy vibrations, but still remains powerful, so for a little vibe that I thought I wouldn’t use, it’s become a great little gem for couples play. All you need is a little imagination and you may be surprised…..I know I was!


Overall, I think the So Divine Need you tonight vibrating bullet would suit beginners, solo players and definitely couples who want to introduce a non-intimidating toy into their sexual relationship. Would love to see more classy and gender-neutral toys like this bullet.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin



The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is the one Satisfyer product that really appealed to me, due to the style with its curves and smooth silicone material. It has the cute factor with the resemblance of a chubby penguin. Overall, it is very pleasing to the eye.

I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with the Penguin after using the Satisfyer 2 for a few weeks. I loved the length of the handle, it made using the Satisfyer 2 very easy to use. The Penguin is entirely a different shape, however its sleek, ergonomic curves felt comfortable in my hands. The two buttons (power on/of and speed control button) are well placed, unlike the Satisfyer 2 where the buttons were out of reach at the nozzle end. The huge downside to the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is the lack of a third button to scroll back the settings. If the speed becomes too intense, you have to power off, then back on again. Bit of a mood killer unfortunately.

The motor on the Satisfyer Pro Penguin  is rather quiet, compared to the Satisfyer 2 that sounds like it’s powered by a jet engine. Some of you may find that the Penguin is not quite discreet enough. The motor doesn’t rattle, the Penguin overall is much better quality. Considering the Penguin is USB rechargeable, I thought there’d be more power to it compared to the battery powered Satisfyer 2. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I can barely get to the 3rd setting on the Satisfyer 2, yet with the Penguin, I can easily reach over 6, after that, it becomes too intense and the rest of the speeds seem to just merge together.

Charging is easy, I just plug into my laptop and click the magnets onto my Penguin and it will flash whilst being charged. When fully charged, the light will stop flashing and remain steady, which is really useful as you know when to unplug it.


So how was it in use? It took me a while to position the Penguin but only because I have a small clit that is buried by my chunky outer labia. Also, the nozzle is smaller and with less silicone. It too a bit of patience trying to get it right. I didn’t feel that there was a suction as such, but on the first couple of settings felt like a gentle blow/tapping. With the Satisfyer 2 I felt like I was thrown into the deep end with such intense speeds on the first setting. With the Penguin it was more gentle, teasing and arousing. It gave all my other senses a chance to slowly build up to a climax. Due to this, I could up the speed a little further and when I climaxed, I felt wave after wave of orgasm going all through my body and one orgasm lead to another. I’ve not experienced multiple orgasms for a while, but the Satisfyer Pro Penguin had cracked it.


I haven’t used my Penguin in the water, although Satisfyer say that it is waterproof, some other bloggers have reported issues of water getting into the battery compartments or motors. I’m quite fond of my Penguin, so I’ve chosen to keep it dry.

When cleaning, you can easily remove the silicone nozzle and clean with a sex toy cleaner. It would have been great if the Penguin came with a spare nozzle, I’m not sure how long they last or if they need to be replaced.


Overall, I love my little Satisfyer Pro Penguin it gives me unique orgasms thanks to the gentle settings that you can slowly increase without it getting too intense. The control buttons are better placed than the Satisfyer 2 and the quality wins hands down. The only negative I can find, is the lack of a button to scroll backwards the speeds.


Thank you to Satisfyer who sent me the Pro Penguin, in return for my honest and unbiased review.

Satisfyer Pro 2



The Satisfyer Pro 2 stormed the sex toy market in 2016. The Womanizer became very  popular the year before, but was way out of the price range for most people. Satisfyer came along with the same idea as the Womanizer, but making the Pro 2 more affordable, waterproof, a better design in colour and shape and a better name.

My first impressions of the Pro 2 was woah, that’s a chunky silicone nozzle compared to the Satisfyer 2 and Penguin. I was a little concerned on how the nozzle would fit around my hidden clitoris. As a plus size lady, I have a rather chunky mons pubis and my inner labia are a bit on the thick side, so trying to find my hidden pearl can be quite a task; however, I enjoy more of a broad stimulation, rather than pin point.


I love the rose gold colour, the curvy ergonomic shape and the weight of the Pro 2, although heavier than the Penguin and Satisfyer 2, it was comfortable to hold for a good amount of time, even with my arthritic wrists.

Click-and-go charging is fabulous, you get a great strong connection. A 2 hour charge offers 3 hours of play. The handy USB charging lead means you can take your Satisfyer anywhere. I often have one of the Satisfyers on charge whilst on my laptop.


Satisfyer claim that their toys are waterproof, however, several bloggers have reported water damage, so I haven’t put mine in water at all and I advise you don’t either. To clean, I use a sex toy cleaner and wipes, or with a damp cloth. Silicone nozzle can be removed and cleaned thoroughly.

The motor is loud. Even under the duvet and with the TV on you can still hear it. After the first 4 speeds, the other 7 just seem to merge into one. It’s very intense, it becomes so high pitched and unbearable, almost painful. Sadly there is only a power on/off button and just one button to increase the speed, but you have to reach top speed before the motor works backwards. Or you could just switch it off and back on again, it’s much easier and saves me from getting a numb clit at top speed *shudders*.


When in use, I find the huge silicone nozzle, difficult to get a good suction, probably due to my fatty flaps and mons. My urethra tends to get suck up into the nozzle and it makes me want to pee soooo badly. I can’t feel no suction around my clit, but I know the Pro 2 is working when I test it on my finger. One thinks she may need to get a clit or pussy pump to coax my pearl from within her oyster.


Oddly, I haven’t had an orgasm using this model, not one for trying though. I have had some amazing orgasms with the Penguin and Satisfyer 2 but I think it’s just not right for my body. *Update: After a few weeks of daily use, my clit has finally got used to the power and I can now orgasm. Only issue is, this is now the only thing that can get me off. Think I need a couple of weeks break from it!*

Overall, I love the Pro 2, it looks great, it’s comfortable to hold, but the nozzle is far too big for my genitals. The Penguin works so much better for me and my elusive clitoris. I’d love to see replacement nozzles for all Satisfyers, a minus button to decrease speeds as on the Satisfyer 2 and to ensure that all models are truly waterproof.

I wouldn’t really recommend the Pro 2 for beginners, you may find it too intense. The Penguin would be much better suited as it lacks the power of this beast. If you’re a power seeker, then this model would be well suited for you.

Many thanks to SATISFYER for sending me the Pro 2 in exchange for my honest opinion.

Satisfyer 2


I’m pretty new to the ‘suction’ clit stimulation toys that burst onto the sex toy market pretty rapidly with the womanizer in 2015. They were well out of my price range and I hadn’t been lucky enough to test the womanizer , either. Then in 2016, Satisfyer launched a very similar toy, the Satysfer Pro 2, at a fraction of the cost. I did purchase a Pro 2, but didn’t get the chance to give it a thorough testing as I left it at a festival. However, I got the opportunity to give 3 Satisfyer models a good test run, in exchange of an honest review.

Out of the 3 Satisfyer’s sent, the Satisfyer 2 was the first to get testing. When I first took it from the box, I was a little disappointed by the quality. It looked and felt really cheap, ‘boxy’ and the fact it was battery operated, didn’t have me enthused. The gender-neutral colour is a bonus and the large nozzle is great for a good covering of my clit that is hidden away under my very chunky outer labia. As someone who enjoys stimulation on her inner labia and vulva, the large nozzle comes in handy for broader stimulation.


Over several days, I really became quite fond of the Satisfyer 2. I love the 7 inch long handle, it’s ideal for me as my tummy is my nemesis and cant get in the way of my arms,although it is not as ergonomic as the Penguin or Pro 2.One mega issue though…..the buttons are totally in the wrong place. Why the heck are they at the nozzle end? Granted there is a power button and a + to increase speeds and to decrease, but damn, my fingers aren’t long enough to reach them.  I have to remove the Satisfyer to see what buttons I need to press. Doing this is like orgasm denial….wanting to ramp up the speed, but having to take it away and then faff about replacing the Satisfyer in between my chunky labia. It’s just a faff. Luckily, I mostly only need to use the first two or three speeds.

The motor is pretty strong for something that needs powering with 2 AAA batteries. It is loud and rattles somewhat, so if you house share, you will need to consider this factor. Oddly, Satisfyer claim on their website that the motor is whisper quiet, but believe me, it’s not! There is no way I can get to full power, of the 11  programmes, I only use the first three, it becomes way too intense and gives me an urge to pee and it send my clit numb!

I can’t quite describe the sensation I get off any of the Satisfyer models. It does have a slight suction feeling, perhaps rapid ‘thuddy’ sort of vibrations? I can’t put it into words. I know that the highest settings feel way too high pitched and buzzy, that make me squirm in the wrong way, to the point that it hurts, even if I place the nozzle on my vulva instead of my clitoris. It has taken a few weeks to get used to this sort of stimulation, I discovered that the Satisfyer 2 is best used when I’m really horny. On a low setting and very aroused, this is the best time for me to use it. When I climax, my orgasm thunders through my body whilst i scream into a pillow. I’m left spent, with jelly legs, which is no fun when trying to get to the bathroom!

I must mention that a few bloggers have had issues with their Satisfyer models not being waterproof, therefore I haven’t put mine in water. I remove the silicone nozzle and give it a thorough wash, but I use a sex toy cleaner and wipes to clean the rest of the toy. Just make sure the battery compartment is sealed shut if you’re a squirter and don’t use in the bath tub or shower.


Overall, the Satisfyer 2 worked for me due to the long handle. It has a good, strong motor, but the buttons are in the wrong place. It’s loud, really loud, it reminds me of a Chinook or something. The sound does dull a little when the nozzle is nestled inbetween my chunky outer labia.The large nozzle may not suit everybody.  Satisfyer are more affordable than Womanizer, but sadly I can’t compare. A spare, replacement nozzle wouldn’t go amiss, and perhaps a storage pouch.

If you are looking to try something new, that is different from regular vibrators, it’s worth trying the Satisfyer 2


Lovehoney Oh! Love Heart USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator



When I saw the cute Lovehoney Oh! Love Heart USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator launched on Lovehoney, I was adamant that I was going to buy it. The  heart shape was too cute to resist. Luckily I purchased it at half it’s retail price of £24.99 and snapped it up in the Deal of the Day.

When it comes to clitoral toys, I prefer something that offers a broader stimulation than a bullet, I like stimulation on my inner labia and vulva, as well as my clit. Although quite small, I saw the Lovehoney Oh! Love Heart could offer me this.

The Lovehoney Oh! Heart clit vibe is very femme with its shape and vivid pink colour. It has a luxurious look with the silver edging. The silicone is soft to the touch, but can feel a little draggy without water based lube. The heart is petite, about half the size of my palm. It’s disceet enough to pop into your handbag or luggage.


There are 3 speeds and 7 patterns to choose from. These are a little buzzier than what I’d prefer, I tend to stick to the second speed and apply firm pressure to dull the buzz. I’m just a sucker for more rumbly vibrations. For a small vibe, it is quite powerful on its highest speed. Controlling the vibe is easy. There is just one button to press to scroll through the speeds and patterns, to turn off, just hold this button for a couple of seconds.

As for charging the Lovehoney Oh! Heart clit vibe it’s just adorable. Plug the USB charger, then watch the red beating heart in the middle of the vibe. It is mesmerising to watch whilst plugged into my laptop. Charging is quick, 30 mins or so to fully charge. The vibe ran on full speed for half an hour and was still going strong.

I like to use the Lovehoney Oh! Heart clit vibe as part of foreplay with my other half. It’s great to use on nipples, or tracing along the back of his neck, down to his cock to tease. For solo use, I like to place the tapered tip against my clit, wit the curves spreading my labia and resting on my vulva. Applying some pressure dulls the buzzy vibrations. I like to use water based lube or a clit balm for added sensations. It’s easy to use during sex with your partner or solo with a dildo.

I find that the vibe is relatively quiet, suitable if you house share and want a quick fumble under the duvet. Sadly it is not waterproof, only splash proof, so no fun in the bathroom. Best way to keep your heart clean, is with a good sex toy cleaner and wipes, taking care to clear the vag gunk that collects around the button.

Overall, this petite and cute little clit vibe is a treat to any toy collection, from beginners to advanced players, but power queens may want to give it a miss. It’s easy to use solo, or with a partner, is very discreet and easy to charge. It made my heart skip a beat or two, will it yours?

You can buy the Lovehoney Oh! Heart Vibrator HERE



tokidoki x Lovehoney Flash Textured Pleasure Cup.


tokidoki Flash Pleasure Cup

The tokidoki Flash Pleasure Cup is a relatively new brand, part of the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection. This collection took me a while to appreciate tokidoki design on the sex toys as I did think it was a rather youthful design and mostly aimed at somewhere between the ages of 18-21, but  the positive reactions on forums and Twitter, led me to accept and adore the Japanese style. Thing was, what would my fella think?

My partner is 67 and didn’t care too much for the outer plastic packaging that peels off, but did say that if he was to browse for this type of masturbator, he’d totally disregard buying the tokidoki pleasure cup as it ‘looks like something for younger generations.’ He does, however, like the black case, which he commented on looking like a billiard ball, that is perfect for popping in your hand luggage if you work away a lot, especially spending evenings on your own in hotels, which he did often before semi-retiring.


I’ve bought TENGA eggs for my partner on several occasions, so when Lovehoney launched the tokidoki range of pleasure cups I was eager to see how they compared. I love this style of masturbator as they are easy to incorporate during foreplay, much as a bullet. The  Flash tokidoki pleasure cup, doesn’t take up too much room, like a bulky fleshlight would.

The tokidoki Textured Pleasure Cup Flash is made of a stretchy TPE with funky lightening bolts as the texture, which is for stimulating the shaft and head of the penis. One thing we did notice though, was the absence of a little sachet of lube like you can get with the TENGA eggs. Luckily we have plenty, but my partner said that if he was to work away, last thing he’d want, was to be carrying bottles of lube…..*makes note of stocking up on lube sachets for him!*


In use, I enjoy stroking the tokidoki Flash Textured Pleasure Cup up and down the shaft of my partners cock. I like to add the odd twist at the same time, just to make sure he can feel the texture. His manhood is of average size in length and girth and there was plenty of stretch to it and pretty durable if you are gentle with it. I’ve even popped his testicles into the pleasure cup to give stimulation in a different way, but we ended up writhing on the bed full of laughter, rather than sex.

If you take care of the pleasure cup, you can use it several times. I’d recommend washing with warm soapy water and air drying it, inside out, then when dry, pop a little renewer powder on it and store it in the case.


Our main overall thoughts are that we love the tokidoki Textured Pleasure Cup Flash, great to use them solo or with your partner. If you’re a total beginner to any sex toys, I’d highly recommend you start with one of these. They’re non-intimidating and discreet. Please don’t overlook this range if you think you’re too old. The plastic wrapper isn’t left on, so you’re pretty much left with an anonymous masturbator.

We’d like to try more from the pleasure cup range. We bought the tokidoki Flash in the sale at £6 and found that to be a reasonable price and so we’ll keep an eye out for any more offers. It’s usual price is £9.99 and you can buy from Lovehoney HERE

Is the tokidoki Textured Pleasure Cup flash a saviour of the toy universe? Will it help you to find the golden grail? Well with my partner, very much so!

DOXY Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator


DOXY Die Cast

When the Lovehoney squirrel commander sent me an email to say I had been chosen to review the DOXY Extra Powerful Black Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator I was thrilled beyond belief. I already owned the original Doxy wand in pink and although I loved it, I wished it had a silicone head instead of the squishy PVC, as did most of my fellow reviewers/bloggers. Doxy had listened and delivered!

As the Doxy die cast was a tester, I didn’t receive the full box that it would usually come in, nor did I receive a storage case. However, Lovehoney do sell the purple or silver Doxy Die Cast with the storage case. Luckily I was given a case for mine. Lovehoney had shipped my Doxy in their usual, discreet packaging (that the cat always immediately occupies), so no embarrassment when the postie come knocking.


DOXY Die Cast


DOXY storage case


First impressions:

A fantastic piece of British design and engineering. Compared to the DOXY original, the die cast looks like it’s come straight from an expensive car showroom. Its smart, black metallic paint has a bit of sparkle, which reminds me of a clear, starry night. The glitter effect is subtle and not too blingy. Very luxurious. The wand feels great in my hands, cold at first, but soon warms to your body temperature. It’s surprisingly not too bulky and as someone with severe rheumatoid arthritis in my wrists, the DOXY Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand is comfortable to hold for some time. It has a lot of weight to it at 830g, but the handle is the same size as the original DOXY.


DOXY Die Cast

The DOXY Die Cast extra powerful massage wand vibrator is mains powered and available in UK, EU and US plugs. 3 large, rubber LED lights, power button and a + and – button for speeds and pulse mode. To activate the pulse mode, press the power button and the plus button twice.

It is capable of 3,000 and 9,000 RPM, great for those who seek ultra powerful vibrations.

In Use:

I love, love, love the silicone head. It’s made from medical-grade silicone and totally seam free, hoorah! This means it’s body-safe, compared to the PVC of the  DOXY original. You can allow your body fluids to flow, knowing that any bacteria left behind won’t be able to hide in any pores of the silicone. I’ve noticed that the head isn’t that flexible at all, especially if you compare to other wands on the market (my previous go-to wand was the Lovehoney Deluxe, which has a rather flexible ‘neck’). You can add standard wand attachments for added pleasure.

I tried the DOXY Die Cast solo first of all. With its long power lead, there was plenty spare for different maneuvers on my bed. I prefer to lay on top of the DOXY and grind on top, so I set the wand to my preferred speed and grind away. This will get me off in a couple of minutes. Yee-haa! and on most occasions I can have multiple orgasms, til I’m totally spent. I do find that the vibrations are more rumblier this way.



On the rare occasion I lie back and use the DOXY, the firm silicone does dull the vibrations somewhat, compare to the original DOXY, so this takes longer for me to climax. I tend to use it on a medium speed, too high and my clit goes numb. I do enjoy the head as I prefer a wider range of sensations, rather than pin point stimulation. I adore the vibrations on and around my vulva. The LED lights on the buttons are ideal if you’re using it at night, but due to my plus size tummy, I can’t see in between ones legs, so I just blindly feel for the buttons and if I’m increasing the power, I often accidentally press the power button. Luckily for me, the DOXY has a memory mode, so when you switch on, the vibrations you were currently using, kick into life.

When I use the wand with a partner, there is nothing better than teasing and orgasm denial. Tie me up and use the DOXY to massage my inner thighs then use varying pressure on my labia, vulva and clit, is glorious torture! Tease me til I’m on the edge of orgasm, then withdraw the DOXY is just sweet denial. I love it!

I’m known to attend the odd fetish event in the North West and to take my DOXY in its smart case, it looks the part amongst the fetish equipment and myself wearing PVC. This is where the long power lead comes into its own, the length is great for using on a St Andrews cross, top to toe.

You’ll find that the DOXY Die Cast is on the loud side regarding noise levels, as with all mains powered wands. I can’t use it if anyone is in the house, even if used under a duvet, the next room will certainly hear it. If you require discretion, you’re better off with a smaller battery powered wand.

I find the lower speeds of vibrations to be particularly rumbly which is my preference when wanting to climax. The higher speeds are on the buzzier side, unless I grind on the wand. Too high and my clit goes numb, with an overwhelming urge to pee. This may be different to you if you’re a power Queen.


GSpot attachment

Adding an attachment brings a whole new lot of fun. There are several different types available, see Here. I will be adding reviews of some of the wand attachments I have. The Gspot, rabbit and suction cup attachments are a firm favourite. The vibrations travel very well through any attachment, but of course it may be different for your needs, we’re all different after all!


Rabbit attachment

The DOXY also works great as a body massager, I particularly love it on my shoulders, the more pressure you apply, the deeper the rumbles. Try avoid using oils or silicone lube as these will interact with the silicone head.


Multipurpose suction cup attachment with butt plug


My thoughts:

You may find the DOXY die cast a little on the pricey side, but believe me, it sure is a worthy investment for a great piece of British engineering and superior orgasm provider. You get a 12 month guarantee and a wand that is built to last. It screams luxury, is very versatile, easy to use and the vibrations are uber powerful on the highest setting.

I’d recommend that you use a good quality water based lubricant for a slick feeling on your body or genitalia. Clean with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner. Remember to keep your DOXY away from water. Store in the case provided, to keep it clean and safe (the silicone head does attract some dust, lint and hairs!).

So, who would I recommend this to? Power seekers, BDSM kinksters, those looking to upgrade their previous mains powered wand, or those upgrading from a battery powered or rechargeable wand. If you’re a beginner with sex toys, or prefer quiet, gentle vibrations, I’d recommend you start with a small battery powered wand.

Overall, Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand is most definitely the best, most powerful and visually appealing wand I have tried and owned. I’d give it a generous:


Want to knock your socks off? Purchase the Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand HERE at LOVEHONEY today priced at £149.99.


I received this product from Lovehoney in exchange of my honest opinion and review. This does not affect my opinions in any way, shape or form. There are no affiliate links in my post.



DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger


The cat approves!


When it comes to floggers, I’m quite the collector, I love to receive impact play, whether it’s intimately in the bedroom, or hardcore in a dungeon. So when Lovehoney wanted a secret tester, I had to volunteer and was lucky to be chosen to give the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger a thorough road test and my honest opinion in this review.



Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a great piece to have in your kink kit and due to it’s smaller size, you can pop it in your bag if you plan on a naughty weekend away.

I’m a huge fan of DOMINIX products. They’re fantastic prices and excellent quality, made to last, and they don’t look out of place in the bedroom or a specialist dungeon. I own many pieces of their products, from collars to blindfolds, floggers and canes.

On arrival you get the Lovehoney discreet packaging and a simple clear bag with the DOMINIX logo on. This is easy to dispose of without giving it away as to what you’ve bought.

First impressions:


On taking the flogger out you can immediately smell the sweet aroma of pure leather. It just smells great, and certainly puts me in the mood for some kinky time. On the wrist loop you’ll find a DOMINIX tag, which can easily be removed.

Running my fingers through the 40, 10-inch strands, whilst admiring the craftsmanship of the handle and overall flogger you get a feel that it has been individually crafted to suit your needs. The silver studs on the handle are rather unique in that they give a slight crystal effect.


In use:

If you have experimented with a little tie and tease, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a perfect step-up to use with your partner. The soft, leather fronds can tease your body and provide new sensations and stimulation.

Due to its smaller size this flogger is ideal to use on breasts, feet and genitals if you’re brave enough, and ideal for beginners as it’s not too intimidating. You can use the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger very sensually with light swings that offer a soft impact and teasing tickles. With more force the flogger can provide some thud. Add a blindfold and you can heighten your senses and enjoy the anticipation and feel of the leather gently hitting your bare skin.


I enjoy being tied down to my bed, blindfolded, naked and have all my trust in my partner. It’s a great warm up flogger if you like to start off with gentle strokes, awakening my senses and building up to a harder thrashing before moving on to a crop or paddle.

Overall thoughts:

Overall, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger is a fantastic piece for the price. It’s excellently made and perfect for beginners. A must-buy. You can purchase the flogger HERE for just £14.99.

I received the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Flogger for free, in exchange for my honest review.




I have been dying to test a lube that claimed to look and feel like cum, so when Wolf at MEO kindly sent the ManCunt hybrid lube in a box of goodies, this was the first I had to give a whirl and have some fun with.

Now some of you who read this, may be shocked at the awesome name of this lube, I never get tired of saying it. ManCunt! If you wasn’t sure what a mancunt  is, lemme explain; basically, it’s the arsehole of a gay man, or term for a submissive gay man, especially those who like to receive the anal sex, also know as ‘bottoming.’ Since MEO is aimed at gay men, I find the name of this lube to be quite apt!

If you’re big on discretion, you’re probably gonna need to peel off the label, not many people I know would be happy to display this in the family bathroom. Great if you’re single or just you and your partner, I’m just one of those who like to give the shock factor, so anybody seeing this in my home will immediately ask “What the fuck, Vixen?”

The ManCunt lube comes in a pump action bottle *hoorah!* I hate lubes with flip caps or screw lids, I end up all fingers and thumbs and the bottle quite often sliding out of my hands if I use the lube too excessively. You get a good 125ml and due to ManCunt being a hybrid lube (a mixture of water-based and silicone lube), you get the best of both worlds. However, if you don’t get on with Glycerin, you may want to give this lube a swerve. I’ve been fine and it has had no issues on my sensitive vulva or anus, thankfully.

man2     man3

When I first sampled Mancunt, I wasn’t too convinced that it looked and felt like cum, it comes out a little too thick, but as it adjusts to your body heat, it begins to thin slightly, making it appear more realistic. Leave it on your skin a little too long and it becomes more watery, changing it’s look from a young spunky sample, to an older mans vasectomy sample! It does however feel a slightly too much like a skin lotion than cum itself, but then I never leave cum on me long enough to remember what it feels like, I try not to spill a drop….such a waste!

This gave me the bright idea to take some pictures using the lube as though I’d had a facial and stick it on a swinging website that I’m on, to see if they could tell if it was real spunk, or something else. Every comment I received was from a bloke, every one of them thought I had been out on a random meet for a suck and go, receiving a facial as a reward. It certainly had them all fooled. What I wasn’t expecting, was how soft my face felt afterwards, ManCunt is very moisturising and it ever so slightly numbed my lips.


During use, it makes masturbation effortless on both myself and a circumcised cock, with it being so moisturising, wanking a bloke has never been so luxurious, so bin the oils! I wouldn’t recommend using with silicone toys, just in case the silicone’s react. I’ve used ManCunt on glass and steel dildos and it hasn’t dried up and needed re-applying, like I find most water-based lubes, needing. The bottle should last for ages, unless I keep taking pictures that make me look like I’ve just completed a bukkake!

My overall opinion of MEO ManCunt Hybrid Lube, is very positive. The pump action bottle is easy to use, it looks like cum, is very moisturising and long lasting. I love it and will be recommending it to everybody.

Thank you to MEO for sending this product free of charge, in return for an honest review. This has not affected my opinions on this product.

You can buy ManCunt at Meo for 16.90 Euros.